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23 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Contact! The first Campaign Battle - 1800UTC 23rd of February

Contact! - The First Campaign Battle!

The first Campaign Battle

Date: 23rd of Februrary
Time: 18:00 UTC
Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
Map: Operation Thunder Custom AAS Standard

Spoiler for Operation Thunder Assets:

US Army | 700 Tickets
1 x Apache (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
2 x Blackhawk (5 minute respawn)
2 x M1A2 Abrams (15 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
2 x M2A2 Bradley (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Humvee (.50cal) (5 minute respawn)
2 x Humvee (Transport) (5 minute respawn)

Israel | 700 Tickets
1 x Apache (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
2 x Blackhawk (5 minute respawn)
2 x Mervaka (15 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
2 x Namer (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Humvee (.50cal) (5 minute respawn)
2 x Humvee (Transport) (5 minute respawn)

[BGB] Battle Group Bravo
US Army (USMC)

[RIF] Rapid Interdiction Force
Israeli Defense Forces

Congratulations to BGB for winning the second prep battle!

After a major close quarter battle in the central flag, the BGB team is able to push RIF out and win the battle:

If this was a real battle, based on the number of flags both teams had. We would award 14 campaign points to BGB and 2 to RIF. Since this was the last preparation battle, the teams flipped a coin to decide who gets to choose the faction in the next battle, BGB won the coin toss

Here is the admins perspective of the battle

The battle started with extremely agressive deployment by RIF. This deployment lacks any plan for a squad to deploy to the city flag, and as such BGB gets access to the superior positions inside TV Station.

Both attacks on the 3rd and 2nd flag for BGB by RIF is decimated by APCs, infantry and an AR mowing down a squad in the east city.

Spoiler for First Phase:

After the initial deployment, both teams settle their positions and start moving squads into the center of the city to take TV Station. The fights are intense, with grenades, and rooftop fights making any advance almost impossible. Both teams Mortars send their respective volleys of rounds towards TV station hitting their foes and kicking up dirt in an already intense brawl.
Spoiler for Second Phase:

This battle rages on for a while. On either side of the map recon squads are disrupting mortars and rear movements. In one place BGB does everything right moving infantry ahead of their APCs leaving the mainbase, unfortunatly they miss a HAT kit on the flank destroying a Puma.
Spoiler for Right Flank:

After a long battle in the city, the RIF team is finally able to rectify their deployment mistakes and capture the flag. Right after capturing it, they immediatly move forward two squad. At that moment BGB prepares a counter attack, or is already in the city fighting the RIF team in close quarter battle. The counter attack is succesfull and they recapture the TV Station.
Spoiler for Third Phase:

After the RIF team overextends themselves, and the succesfull BGB counter attack. BGB is finally on the offensive, capturing both the TV station flag, taking out 2 APCs, and in a freak accident of kills takes out a chopper hovering above their APC. The driver with an AA kit makes quick effect of the RIF helicopter.
Spoiler for Fourth Phase:

The BGB team, now with much more confidence leave their positions in the city, and move to attack the final flag of the enemy. Both teams engage TOWs, Mortars, Infantry and IFVs in a massive all out fight. RIF mounts a sturdy defense, but the ticket losses during the battle has proven to much and the battle ends in favour of BGB.
Spoiler for Final Attack:

From the Admins perspective this was more exciting than the last battle, with twists and turns resembling an episode from Game of Thrones. There were a few things unmentioned, which had an effect on the battle. Namely the extremly effective HAT kit of the RIF team, the annoying BGB recon team, and a defense team on TV Station for team BGB that would shame the defenders of Pavlov's house anyday. Well done both teams, and congratulations to BGB for taking the win!

Link to tracker.
Link to BattleRecorder.

When are the other battles? And what factions will they have?

You can find all information regarding the maps and their asset layout here. There will be custom maps and factions, and after each battle, the losing team will pick the faction for the next battle.

  • Want to contribute to the tournament? Apply here.
  • Interested in taking up a leadership role in one of the teams? Apply here.
  • Want to become a grunt and play in the battles with your favorite kit? Apply here.

Map download

You will find the Contact! map pack installer here.

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