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17 Oct 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:04   #1

cat's Avatar
Default [Map] Blackout [scrapped]

I have started creating a new map

1km x 1km

IDF vs Insurgents

This is what I have sofar:

Please note that the small houses are just placed for showing the scale. I have not yet started placing things. The terrain color is not final. I use this clean color for laying out. The climate I am looking for is slightly barren rocky (West Bank area, Libanon). However the map is not based on any real location. I will only use real location reference photos for visual hints.

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:10   #2
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Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

1km is a bit on the small size for PR. But best of luck and cant wait for this to be done.

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:14   #3
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Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

are you going to make this a night map? ("blackout")

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:15   #4
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Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

you've shown that your capable of creating a working map for BF2 and with PR bigger maps are alwyas better !

seeing as your at the begining of making a new map why not recreate it on a larger scale at its infancy, 2k maybe ? or 4k

best of luck,

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:31   #5

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Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

looks like snow lol

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:32   #6

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Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

You are good at mapping, you should try now bigger areas.

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Old 2008-11-23, 21:34   #7

cat's Avatar
Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

you've shown that your capable of creating a working map for BF2 and with PR bigger maps are alwyas better !

seeing as your at the begining of making a new map why not recreate it on a larger scale at its infancy, 2k maybe ? or 4k

2km would be a nice idea. However 4km is too much. I have to stay with 1km. Because there is several reasons for that.

- I like smaller area infantry + jeeps combat more. I also think that many players like smaller maps like mestia.

- A 2km map is 4x larger than a 1km map. This leads to long load times and compiling. I have 2gb of ram, however it takes out the fun out of creating maps when you have constantly to wait for the editor to load. And I have to constantly restart it because it crashes often, and lightmapping causes shader errors.

- Detailing a map with many buildings is hard. It gets silly when as on my vista PC, the buildings position/rotation does not change until you release the mouse button. Doing this on a 1km map is slightly annoying however having to stuff a 2km map with angled buildings is not that fun.

So to keep my self away from insanity I would stya with 1km maps.

are you going to make this a night map? ("blackout")
No it will be day. Nightmaps have a few problems. Like players can just turn up the monitor brightness, turning the cool looking moonlight into a washed out day. And night vision makes the map look green. And who wants to spend a few hours watching green colors.
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Old 2008-11-23, 21:36   #8

cat's Avatar
Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

Korengal is 1km. And since it has those very obstructing trees, the combat area fells a lot larger and hides the fact that it is actually a very small map. This proves that a small map can be just as "fun" as a large maps
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Old 2008-11-23, 21:45   #9

Raniak's Avatar
Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

Good luck on your map

I'm curious, where will you put the flags ? I can't really see any good positions on your overhead screenshot.

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Old 2008-11-23, 23:08   #10
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Default Re: [MAP]Blackout

Yeah hills and other high areas will make a 1km feel big. But to do this allot of areas should be impassably or really hard to pass will make the map feel bigger. Its really to early to say anything on your map other then the terrain has a nice natural feel to it.

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Closed Thread

blackout, map, mapblackout, scrapped
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