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Modding Tutorials Information and tutorials related to modding BF2.

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Originally Posted by Remdul

I wrote a tool over the last few months to view exporter Battlefield models, and we've used here internally at FHmod. It doesn't do anything fancy, but it is good for debugging, checking texture filepaths, shaders names of statics, check poly count etc. Just something to make our worthless slave-lives a little easier.


Not everything is supported or displayed properly. Skinnedmesh does not work (yet), weapon/vehicle collisionmesh is currently not implemented. Works on most BF42, BF2, BF2142, and BF Heroes files. You can view .sm, .staticmesh, .bundledmesh, and .samples files.

There's a world space > tangent space normal map converter, and also ambient occlusion map renderer (load OBJ for this), but these are highly experimental and undocumented.

You can bind file extensions to BfMeshView so you only have to double click files to view them. Just right click on the file > open with > browse to bfmeshview.exe, select checkbox > ok.

For texture loading to work, simply add your mod path to the texture paths list on the options dialog.

You may need some extra files to run this app, see bottom of the page for download.

Use at your own risk. There is no written documentation. Unfortunately I have very little time to work on this tool. Post suggestions/bugreports in this thread please. I might check back every once in a while if I find the time, but no promises. :P

(Reverse Engineer @ Forgotten Hope 2 mod)

Had a quick go with this tool last night, really good going to save me lots of time with having to load up the editor to view a mesh. Lots of info on all the lods, mats etc.

Takes a bit to work out how to setup the textures but isn't too hard, you just need to manually put in all the texture folders for it to read which is kinda a bumber.

You need to download both the latest build and the dlls at the bottom of the page.

Hope some of you will find this useful

Check this updated post for link:

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