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26 Aug 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2011-05-14, 04:59   #1

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Default The 3 Fireteam Method

A fireteam is a small military unit of infantry. Fireteams generally consist of four or fewer soldiers and are usually grouped by two or three teams into a squad or section.

The 3 fireteam method is a experiment i am incorporating from real life to PR.

How it Works

At the start of the round you start of the round you make a squad Ex. Alpha Ft1. After Alpha Ft1 is made your clanmates or friends make FT2 and FT3

Ft1 is composed of 5 people. 1 Squadleader, 1 Fireteam leader and 3 Fireteam members

Ft2 and Ft3 are composed of 4 ppl 1 Fireteam leader and 3 Fireteam members


There are several problems with doing this.

1) All Fireteam leaders and the Squadleader should be on Teamspeak, Ventrilo etc. The Squadleader should be issuing commands via the program rather then squadleader channel in mumble so comms dont clog up

2) Everyone in the "Squad" should be on mumble, This is a must!!! so everyone in the Squad can communicate with each other.

Pros and Cons


- Allows a great advantage in firefights considering you have a 2:1 ratio against a single infantry squad.

- You can have almost 3 of each kit. AR, Medic etc.

- Allows greater movement of troops. You can have one team get in a support by fire position while another team moves up, 1 team flanks.

- If done right you can turn the tide of battle.

- Works much better then just 2 full infantry squads working together.


- Requires a good squadleader that can effectivly lead 3 teams(12 people). You cant stress out if you see people dying on the scoreboard. On top of that you need good fireteam leaders.

- Requires 3 squad slots

- May take away from team resources.

Day 1 of the experiment

Today Myself, Yrkidding, and Absolute Killer attempted this method on Beirut.


- Squad Size was actually 15.

- There team was substantially better in terms of skill and communication.

- It was the first time we tried doing this

- I lead a fireteam and Squadlead at the same time which is the worst thing you can do

At the Start

At the beginning we quickly loaded up into 3 choppers. We all landed in docks and proceeded to cap. At the time of finishing capping the enemy (IDF) succesfully captured all of its flags.

We quickly landed in the Radio Station. We built a fob and we quickly proceeded to take those L shaped apartment building arranged in a square. We were south from it. I quickly ordered FT3(AbsoluteKiller) to get in a SBF position and provide a base of fire at the building. My team would move in first. We quickly secured the bottom floor and then FT2 moved in after around 15 seconds.

After softening up the building i sent FT3 in. My FT would take point as we cleared the building. We managed to capture the enemy offguard as they were focused on FT3 but little did they know they had 13 guys in the building. We quickly secured the building with little or no casulties and managed to take out 1 squad.

After sending teams to secure the building around us we quickly took mortar fire. After holding out for 15 min i saw that no one was defending docks. I quickly ordered fireteam 3 to docks but the chopper that picked them up failed and they died a terrible death. So myself and FT2 held out multiple infantry engagements. Until a Merkava quickly killed most of us followed by a deadly infantry assault on our building.


The Situation at Docks and how i handled it was quite a failure. I was managing a fireteam by myself also controlling 2 other fireteams. I wasnt thinking so we just performed boudning overwatch in DOcks from the east. It was pretty succesful until it ended up in a clusterf*** because i had to manage so much crap. In the end our entire squad was killed because there infantry started to regain fire superiority combined with the Mortars it wasnt too good.


We lost and it ended up in a failure. But we managed to put up quite a fight and took many lives.

Why am i posting this crap

Now i know most of you wont read this or perhaps criticize me in this but i am experimenting with this idea.

Im probably sure some of you have tried this but i doubt to this extent

I encourage Clans and Communities alike to experiment with this method. This is a very diffrent approach to PR and i have gotten pretty positive feedback

I will keep this thread updated every now and then.

- Foxxy

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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

I was the Medic in FT2 and I had on blast on that match.The Immersion was immense And I cant wait to Participate in this Experiment again. I was thinking about this earlier about the breakdown of a 32 man teams how things should be organized and you have the right idea.

Id like to try this on other more open maps to see how this pans out
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Old 2011-05-14, 05:54   #3

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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

Sounds interesting. Sounds like a good way to get people into a team instead of squad mentality.

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Old 2011-05-14, 06:37   #4
Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

Well a good idea, it seems like it would be a ticket sink if the enemy team had any type of CAS or armor and caught you without an anti air/hat kit

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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

sounds interesting! I would love to be involved in something like that!

I don't think it'll be a ticket sink at all as with 3 squads you should have plenty of weapons to be able to deal with any situation. Plus you still should have the rest of your team helping out too!


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Old 2011-05-14, 09:47   #6

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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

I support your idea Foxy and I know my clan uses that tactic and it works, because as you said you have more of everything (kits, people..) and this enables you to use various tactics...

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Old 2011-05-14, 10:10   #7
Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

too hard, there's lots of kids without mic and lots of people who doesn't speak english and those who have mic and speak english isn't maybe in mood to do this all the time--
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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

bad idea for public games!
good for clan matches etc. but bad for pubbers, pubbies tend to stick with the 2 - 3 fireteams per SQ rule

Also your wasting men a better diea would be this:
- Squad leader (officer kit)
    - AR/DMR/Grenadier (scoped)
    - H-AT/Rifle specialist
    - Rifleman/DMR/AR/ (scoped)

- Fire Team Leader 1 (medic kit)
    - Rifleman/Medic (ironsights/scoped)
    - AR (ironsights/scoped)
    - L-AT (ironsights/scoped)

- Fire Team Leader 2  (Rifleman scoped)
    - Rifleman (ironsights)
    - Rifleman (ironsights)
    - Rifleman specialist/AR (ironsights)
Fire team 2 is the main assualt fireteam and goes in first followed by fire team 2, fire team one will take heavy hits, the Squad leader team sits back and covers the assualt calling in CAS/mortar/armor shells.

Also the above fireteam is easier to organise for pubbies in a 64+ server.

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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

I don't really think for public matches 3 4-man squads are a perfect solution indeed, as that basically covers the entire infantry of an average team on asset heavy maps, leaving the rest of those who want to play as infantry in a somewhat sucky situation; there's squads, but they're full at 4 players, and making another one means the squad limit will be reached too soon.

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Default Re: The 3 Fireteam Method

Meh, personally I find this stuff useless. 4-man squads working together ftw.
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