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22 Aug 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Dutch Forces Discussion pertaining to the PR Dutch Forces faction.

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Old 2011-05-27, 11:06   #71
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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

I think its spawnable: SL, SL irons, Rifleman1, Rifleman2, medic, specialist, AR.
Am I right?

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Old 2011-05-27, 13:55   #72

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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

its spoonable

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Old 2011-05-28, 11:39   #73

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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

Originally Posted by lucky.BOY View Post
Yeah, agree that AR shouldnt be black, but if you make one of riflemen black, you will get almost half of soldiers on batllefield black, because grenadier, LAT, HAT, AT, AA, pilots, crewmen, and some medics, SLs, ARs and specialis spawn as rifleman.
I would say, make rifleman specialist black, hm?

This yeah, would be the best solution to get diversity without overspamming.

[SH] JantjevanLeiden / / Niet volgen maar Leiden.

youre one a crazy detail-obsessed guy

"youre one a crazy detail-obsessed guy" So true
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Old 2011-05-28, 19:03   #74

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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

I want the Commanders to be Old Men! With No Helmet!

Ok I'm Out!

I'm not a lizardman... I'm a lizardmedic!
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Old 2011-07-20, 14:21   #75
J. Corrion
Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

Models look good
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Old 2011-10-14, 19:52   #76

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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

I just found this section, and this all looks great. I really really hope that this is going to be implemented into project reality in future updates.
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Old 2012-05-16, 20:54   #77
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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

Are there updates on the way?
I would like to try it, but another question... are therr any servers up for that faction mod?
Please reply!!!
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Old 2012-05-16, 22:09   #78
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Default Re: [Texture]Player skins

The faction is still in development, the faction lead is very busy and that is why it has slowed down quite alot.

@GRUNGER There is no public version available, when finished, the faction will be released with a PR patch this is not a standalone mod.

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skins, textureplayer
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