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Old 2008-12-27, 22:53   #21

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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

i think there used to be a taiwan map in the works, i dont remember who was doing it but if you can find them maybe they can give it to you to finish? that would be the most realistic theater for the US and China to fight in. i never really could understand why the US was invading mainland china that just sounds like suicide to me.

known in-game as BOOMSNAPP
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Old 2008-12-27, 23:08   #22
Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

Originally Posted by KingLorre View Post
i think baracuda would need some changing? as in more damage to the island, extra sandbag emplacements and "uparmoring" of the island by the USMC and maybe a crashed Huey on some places? :P
If it is set over a year later than operation barra then most damage would not be noticeable .Perhaps some more open grassy areas where craters have been filled in, but no more static defences. Remember that before Op.Barra, this island was a missile silo, so very heavily defended. Look at all the things on the beaches and the pillboxes inland, this is no deserted island.

Any crashed choppers would have probably been cleared away, not good for morale otherwise. I'm not so sure about enemy vehicles though, would have to ask the MAs.
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Old 2008-12-27, 23:29   #23

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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

If I had any skill in modding, I'd volunteer for this awesome idea (how often do people showcase the "bad" guys?). Not only would this open up a new faction, but also many new map possibilities.

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Old 2008-12-28, 00:03   #24
Retired PR Developer

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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

check your pm on the boat progress heavy, and just sign me up for it (half way done with the model if not more)
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Old 2008-12-28, 00:37   #25
Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

I love the idea, more PLA assets should be nice! and especially PLAN marines ^^ I find there are not enough Asian forces in PR, especially when we think there is most of the world population and a lot of the greatest economical powers there... For example, if there is a war with China and the USA involved, I can't even imagine Japan, RoC (Taiwan), Koreas etc... not be involved a way or an other.
I found sad, even if I would like to play them and they have their importances, that there are only new European forces being developped (I will not mention them LOL) and not the JSDF or Korean army etc... But I can understand, I guess people playing PR are mostly Europeans, Americans (?no?) so they, of course, prefer to develop/play their countries rather than some "unknown" countries in Asia.

I know the PLAN used some French and French "copy" helicopters (like the "daulphin" or "super frelon") The Daulphin would be a nice looking helicopter...

As for the map, something in RoC (Taiwan) should be the more accurate (I remember seeing long time ago at the TV a PLAN landing exercise near Taiwan to show them that China can easily invade them). But perhaps also in South East Asia to broke down the ally advance and take control of economical places... As for the islands in the Pacific, PLAN fleets, in my idea, can't get there without an annihilation from the US navy!
I think it's more important to make only one map, but this one should be really great and new (not always the same places and new statics) even if it takes a long time... That's my player idea!
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Old 2008-12-28, 03:18   #26

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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

China Defense Blog: December 2008
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Old 2008-12-28, 11:42   #27

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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

PRC_Heavy_Z have you checked youre PM for the map idea ?
What do you think.
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Old 2008-12-28, 13:53   #28
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

Nice heavy, thou I do not think a "entire new faction" is really necessary to archive this goal since there is nothing hugely different about the PLA and the PLANM than simply the vehicles they use and there fighting environments which can easily be archived all by how a map is setup. Same would go for if we where to make a British Royal Marine map for PR, since the Royal Marines use the same weapons as the British Army with the exception of some different vehicles like the Viking etc, in fact the Royal Marines and the PLANM are very similar in the way they work since they are both more of a "Commando unit" than a full army. With this also and with the fact that China has no Aircraft Carriers you would not be able to stage a huge beach invasion more just some island attacks and operations that are close to home really best to have them inside aircraft operational range from land bases.

There is only really 2 main issues that I see which you will encounter with making this which is.

1, maps. At the moment there are no real maps (apart from a "day 2" of Op Barra already mentioned in this topic) that really suit this faction. Creating enough good quality maps for it will be hard pressed.

2. Crating assault ships and support ships for the attack will be something very necessary and very hard. Any one undertaking the task of crating a ship needs to fully understand the ways BF2 statics work with the texture pallet system etc and also have a very clear idea before they start of how they are going to make it stage by stage. Put it this way I've been watching a modeller struggle away at making a Nimits carrier for over a year now (not for PR for any one who asks) and its been modelled now but the skinning process is taking a very long time due to no one able to work on it right now, a bit of it has been skinned but not much. Even thou an assault ship and a destroyer etc may not be as big or as complex as a super carrier the fact still remains the same, they are very hard models to make and if not made by some one who knows exactly what they are doing and is 100% determined to finish it, it will not get finished. So to put it simply, if you do not get an assault ship at the very minimum, you will not have this faction done. Who ever you choose to do this task make sure you talk to me about it because this is the big difference between this faction working and not. The reason why we do not have any Royal Marine maps is due to us having no British Assault Ships or Carriers.

Now to exspand on maps, I suggest you guys talk to the Aus forces mod team, you guys should be able to work together some what.

Op Barra is also a good idea but we would not do it as a "cloned map", thou I see no reason why we could not do it as a separate GPO layer, apart from removing the USS Essex and putting in PLA ships may be a bit of a problem hehe, would be a very large problem in fact due to LMs.

You may also want to look into crating a realistic Wake Island map, with the Chinese assaulting the island and the US having air power from the air base, thou this would not be a realistic as with China having no carrier there attack would be screwed over big time from US air power unless China found some way of stopping it (unlikely).

Anyways keep up the good work HZ, will see if I can talk to you a little more at some point on xfire

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Old 2008-12-28, 14:13   #29
Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

Well, anti-satelite attacks + little radar coverage could allow the PLA to hit the US runway on any islands they want to attack without too much trouble. That stops most of the US air support. As for PLA air support, could we not have the JDAM on a much shorter timer? Or even a new arty system that delivers a bunch of smaller bombs in an area?

@ heavy:
Are there any different infnatry weapons for the PLANM that would have to part of a limited kit? Will there need to be different vehicles spawning at the FOs?

These are the only things I can think of right now that would really force us to use a seperate faction.
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Old 2008-12-28, 14:16   #30
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: [Proposal] PLAN Marines

Well that would depend on if the map was in range of there bomber aircraft from the nearest PLA Air Base that could take that kinda jet.

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