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Old 2006-11-07, 22:10   #31

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Originally Posted by [R-DEV]eggman
we made our own because the vBF2 oens looked too much like the Teletubbies houses.
Do you watch Teletubbies to know if their house is similar to the vBf2 one ?

I have a sign link the DEVS one, click on the flag to see

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]eggman
sh*t happens.
About 0.4 release
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Old 2006-11-07, 22:29   #32

Originally Posted by Hitperson
now is not the time to be a pain in the ass.

How is he being a pain?? He was wondering if anyone agreed with him or if it was just himself.
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Old 2006-11-07, 22:52   #33
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some of the animations are a lil off .. that's the sort of thing that we're referring to when we say it's not as polished as we'd like in some areas. They aren't bad .. but there's a couple where the hands are about 1/2" off where they should be.


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Old 2006-11-07, 23:19   #34

PlayPR!'s Avatar

Originally Posted by [R-MOD]Resjah
Just don't play for so much you forget to eat
Stupid eating.... It sucks though I'm probably not goin to be at home on the 11th... Sucks to be me. At least I can look forward to playing on Sunday.

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Old 2006-11-07, 23:23   #35
Retired PR Developer

excellent stuff

Cant wait to join everyone on the servers
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Old 2006-11-08, 01:49   #36
Retired PR Developer

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Originally Posted by [PR]AC3421
The textures on the soldiers look like sh*t.
We're always in the lookout for artists and animators. If you think you have what it takes, then you're more than welcomed to try and join the team.


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Old 2006-11-08, 01:54   #37

I bow to the greatness of 0.4!
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Old 2006-11-08, 01:55   #38

Figisaacnewton's Avatar

Originally Posted by [PR]AC3421
There textures are really flat
As in, they don't have good bump maps?

Or as in.... duh, they are textures... of flat surfaces... why should they be any other shape?

Either way... the bump maps are there, you can see them on every pic.

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Old 2006-11-08, 02:19   #39
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Originally Posted by [R-DEV]eggman
we made our own because the vBF2 oens looked too much like the Teletubbies houses.
new map idea?

Project Reality League Admin
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Old 2006-11-08, 05:18   #40

HogansHeros's Avatar

That’s grate news, too bad I have a ton of tests and papers due in the next few weeks. Guess I’ll be playing all thanksgiving atleast

Usualy play as KlutzPal
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Closed Thread

7th, november, project, reality, update, v04
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