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27 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR In-Game Tactics and Strategies In-game tactics guides from the community.

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Default Creating fewer better tanks vs more tanks

I've only done this a couple of times, I generally participate in infantry even on asset maps (or I set up Mechanised infantry which is super fun and I also recommend that!)

Using Kashan as the exemplar, since it's quite asset friendly.

You can have a large number of tanks in the field at any moment along with TOW armed APCs, on top of that there are HATs, TOWs and attack aircraft. This is alot of threats to manage.

You have 8 guys in your squad (if full) so you can man four 2-man vehicles.

Most squad leaders will choose to field 4 tanks. This has the advantage of being able to bring a large amount of firepower on enemy positions very fast and spread out potential damage, as long as you communicate well this can work fine with damaged tanks RTBing as necessary.

But you are going to take damage at some point, some of your tanks may become tracked or inoperable. It's inevitable! How you respond to that situation will decide how many tickets you lose and how much you'll be driving from main.

If you have a logistics squad or squad willing to deliver repairs, then your not stuck. However this means an unescorted logi truck will have to divert from other duties to you and try and help you. This is slow, ineffcient and there is a high risk the logi won't survive.

On top of that you are relying on other squads for AA cover, if a squad is dedicated to this and is communicating with you, that's great! My time in armour has taught me that it'll usually be the air assets that get you.

So the question is, can armour squads incorporate repairs and AA capabilities?


Three tanks and one ADV works well with high mobility with the ADV being fully crewed.

alternatively bring a logistic truck driven by a guy with a AA kit, he has plenty of supplies and can provide repairs to the tanks at the drop of a hat. This layout does not allow fast reaction to enemy air threats however if on the move.

At the end of the day, nothing beats multiple squads working together, such as one squad of tanks and one ADV can be supported by a squad of IFVs (or even the tanks your squad isn't using) with a logistic truck.

However when you haven't achieved that level of teamwork, your smaller force of well supported tanks may still win the day against other threats with their higher degree of survivability. Vehicular assets needs to be force multipliers, not a drain on the team tickets. Remaining in the field until requiring rearming will protect your team a great deal more thank the time wasted driving to and from main.

Hope some people here try this out a bit. Either bring the tools yourself or get a buddy squad to stick with you and do it. Armour squads can so easily multitask if they bring the tools.

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Old 2014-06-04, 20:38   #2
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Default Re: Creating fewer better tanks vs more tanks

I do see the point in your post, however sometimes you have to sacrifice stuff if you want to fight on your terms. I always want to fight on my terms, sometimes I take 4 tanks for that, the other time I rather have 2 tanks and 2 AAVs.

Incorporating logistic trucks is okay, same thing with AAV but then still you often get called away by other units for supplies or repairs. It is in my opinion always a little bit dodgy to have a fragile vehicle near your tanks.

We are staying up!
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Old 2014-06-05, 00:01   #3

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I'd rather have 2 tanks which have the crewman I want against 4 tanks but people have different preferences
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Old 2014-06-17, 12:38   #4

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Default Re: Creating fewer better tanks vs more tanks

I never try to field more than 50% of the available assets (unnecessary and if thing go sideways, like cas, or arty, you have enough back up). Microing 2 tanks can annihilate all of the other armor if done right.
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