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04 Dec 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-10-30, 22:58   #21
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: Flag-Ticket Mechanics Change

So when I'm rushing Muttrah's North City flag(s) as MEC I'm not getting map control because.....?
You are, but it's a map with frontline 300m wide, unlike others.

different game mode with far less players involved on either side, no vehicles, no vehicles, no FOBs, onto the flags in the AAS game mode because that's the only thing Skirmish and AAS have in common(at least in the argumentation).
In short: Your argument is not applicable to AAS in any way.
I've seen same happening on AAS many times, argument is valid.

Current system is flawed.
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Old 2019-11-06, 22:45   #22

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Default Re: Flag-Ticket Mechanics Change

Originally Posted by CAS_ual_TY View Post
Flags dont/barely give you map controll. And flags also dont determine who is winning. They can, but need not.

The AAS system (and the flags) serves (or tries to do) 2 things:
- Give players something to do (objectives)
- Represent the current frontline (= represent the map control)

From the manual:

You can completely control a flag without capping it. The main reason you cap flags right now is to try and get to the enemy bleed flag (and stop the enemy from getting to yours). But the 30 tickets punishment does not punish the winner, it punishes the loser, as only the loser gets punished by those 30 tickets.
In other words: Instead of punishing a flag loss, you should reward a flag take.

If you play skirmish (properly, 8v8, no retards) you often do not even cap the flags or middle flag, which shows how flawed they are.

- If any situation can occure, where it is better to wait and let the enemy take an objective in order to then retake it, rather than taking it immediately in the first place, the objective or the system behind it is flawed. What does the objective do, what is it for, if you want your enemy to take it?
I agree with this
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