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10 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2022-04-28, 23:12   #1

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Default dont know if this a bug but. COOP Jabal Al-Burj LRG

So... when i am playing in SEA Server, the map was Al-Burj large and there was enemy TOW/ATGM placed in the FOB checkpoint rooftop and none of us notices it until i am doing CAS with Griffon helos, there was a missile i saw headed into me from FOB direction and after checking it, the TOW were in the FOB rooftop(its almost near to corner) and i am wondering if theres a little bug with the COOP tow script placement on Al-Burj large
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Default Re: dont know if this a bug but. COOP Jabal Al-Burj LRG

That tow is right where it is supposed to be, it always spawns there and always will and if you wont kill it the spawn points are linked to it from everyflag which means bots will spawn on it till you blow it up, even if you have FOB flag captured. After you destroy the tow it won't respawn anymore since you have the main flag under your control.

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