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09 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality WWII modification.

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Old 2021-11-02, 20:12   #21
Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Originally Posted by Frontliner View Post
I can post screenshots of my squads doing well too. But that's not the point. Not everyone is as well coordinated or as skilled. Matter of fact is that the kar98's rof is inferior to the m1 garand. If; Nerfing the american weapons, Buffing the weapons surrounding and supporting the kar98, and/or increasing automatic firepower for both teams(mainly the german team), is out of the question? Then what can be done to bridge the gap? You cant just leave things as is. Or you'll end up with another Falklands like situation, where it's only really fun for one team. Remember infantry combat is the backbone of PR. Not everyone can fly or drive well, or even likes to use assets. It aint fun assaulting a position as germans or falklands brits because the opposition plainly outguns you.

The shine from ww2 is still fresh. But I see ww2 maps requested less and less in map votes. The only map that is consistently asked for is Omaha. And when it's in the vote, it only wins when put up against older or shittier or just plain over played maps like pavlovsk or masirah or muttrah respectively. Or chinese maps like shijia. Dont get me wrong I like ww2. But the implementation sucks. It comes so close to perfection and yet ww2 drops the ball on the home stretch.
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Old 2021-11-02, 20:27   #22
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Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Garand was nerfed by being 2-shot kill for a while but apparently that was bad too.

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Old 2021-11-02, 21:36   #23

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Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Thread summary:

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Old 2021-11-02, 22:55   #24
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Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Originally Posted by dcm View Post
Not everyone is as well coordinated or as skilled. But that's not the point.
Friend, this is EXACTLY the point. If a squad runs around like headless chicken, a KDR like the above is an inconceiveable, once in a lifetime achievement for them. For me it was a Monday evening with the bois.
We won every but one single encounter that evening(which I guess ended in a tie? I had people respawn preemptively but the clean up was done before the respawners came in), so at which point exactly should I have found myself "outgunned?" "Germans can't attack"? - even though I was on the offense the whole game through? You were talking lots of "impossibles" here before, none of that stood up to the test. Maybe you want some pointers from me so you can finally stop moaning about your lack of success?

Originally Posted by dcm View Post
Matter of fact is that the kar98's rof is inferior to the m1 garand.
Neither Kar98k nor Garand are the sole component of their respective army's outfit, why are talking yourself into thinking they are?
IF that was the only difference then I'd agree with your criticism but you're very conveniently not mentioning the fact that the German Machine Guns run circles around the US ones' all day long. The StG44 has no equal on the WW2 battlefield either. This is not up for debate, you can literally look into the code files and see a big, fat 50 in the mag size of the MG34 followed with a nice, juicy ROF of 900 as well. The BAR looks like a pitiful relic of the past next to that(which it actually was at that point in time). The teams by and large are equal in strength, what isn't the same is their methodology.

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Old 2021-11-03, 02:40   #25
Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

I know that ww2 is your baby. But not everybody plays nor thinks like the developers do. I am fully aware of the german team's superior machine guns. But those are relatively rare. Only 1/8 squad members will have access to such automatic firepower. Best case scenario 3/8. If the squad manages to get a proper machine gunner kit, and if the squad leader doesn't choose the superior g43, which I see more and more of them doing. Even the american squad leaders are beginning to prefer the garand now. The BAR while being outdated more than has its shortcomings made up for by the firepower of the garand. I've seen entire americans squads, except the AR and LAT outfitted with the garand; lay down punitive and exceptionally effective suppressing fire on german positions. I had such an incident on Carenten where my american squad pinned down the manor with our garands, while the BAR guy moved up to clear rooms. The germans do not have such a luxury. In fact the opposite is true. If it was the germans doing such an assault, then only the automatic rifleman would stay back to provide suppressive fire and probably the squad leader would move in to clear rooms. That is of course if the squad leader had an smg, and if the automatic rifleman did his job and had a machine gun. Instead of getting the stg44 which most of them do select. The kar98k is a poor, poor choice for room clearing. The m1 garand and g43 are much better options.

Would it be possible to remove the MP40 and STG.44 from the german automatic rifleman and give them to someone else in a non squad leading role, who can put them to better use? The americans dont seem to have this problem of AR's choosing the grease gun over the BAR, when applicable.
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Old 2021-11-03, 02:42   #26
Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Originally Posted by Outlawz7 View Post
Garand was nerfed by being 2-shot kill for a while but apparently that was bad too.
It was a dumb idea. Made the garand horrible to use.
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Old 2022-03-30, 23:34   #27
Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

the kar 98 is good for med to long range while the garand is for med and short theres alot of factors to win an engagement just depends on how the player uses the weapon and what type of terrain they playing on whatever its carentan, omahah, merville, kassel or reich fighting in fields or buildings both sides weapons will have its advantages and disadvantages in game.
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Old 2022-04-01, 19:27   #28

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Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Originally Posted by dcm View Post
Playing as the germans just aint fun on most ww2 maps. They are completely outgunned by the m1 garand's semi auto firepower. Everybody who can use the garand does. Even officers too. The kar98k's bolt action nature makes it a pain to use. Not only that it has less than half the ammo of the garand. So what if the m1 cant reload a partial clip. It has so much ammo you dont really care. And people dont really use it as a rifle. I find greater success running into a group of enemies and mag dumping. Most of the time. I will win. Even against german machine guns.

Speaking of which; German machine guns fire too fast and have too little ammo firing time to be effective compared to their american counterparts. 99% of the time I barely see anyone on the german team run a proper mg if they dont have to. Most of the time its either stg.44 or mp40. The semi auto of the mg34 turns it into an iron sight dmr. Which can be useful in the right situation. But those situations are far too few. The mg42 is good yes, but it's very hard to get effective bursts out of that thing in the squad machine gun role. The mg3 doesn't seem to have that problem. I dont know if fires slower or some other magic but it's better. Way better even if it's iron sight only. The mounted mg42 is a different story. However it has it's own shortcomings.

The best weapon on the german team is the g43 and I've only seem the smart squad leaders use it. Even over the stg.44. The g43 is nothing special other than being a hard hitting semi auto rifle.

The problems also extend to vehicles. The american half track has a .50 cal, A .50 cal that destroy most other vehicles. The german half track has the mg42 which is only good against infantry. And if you come up against an american half track if doesn't matter if you shoot the gunner off, you cant destroy it anyway. Giving the rear gunner an mg42 doesn't alleviate much.

So what can be done? Other than giving every german soldier the g43 which is not authentic in the slightest. And without nerfing the us team again.

Well first increase the amount of automatic firepower on the german team in some way. Somebody else on that team needs a spawnable smg. Somebody other than pointman, because he's pretty much the best class on both teams.

Two. The Kar98k needs more ammo. Possibly double. And since germans are pretty much screwed by their bolt actions. Give their machine guns; MG34, MG42, and FG42, more ammo. Like you did with the russian's RPK74M. And give the G43 more ammo aswell. 6 mags aint shit. I go through that much ammo assaulting a position or providing covering fire.

Point 3. There's not much that can be done about the inbalance in half tracks. I admit that. But maybe have it so that their can be more things done to enemy half tracks by regular infantry. For example have grenade that explode inside the half track do much more damage. I've encountered too many situations where I dropped both my frags into an enemy half track and it did fuck all.

I'm not gonna get into tanks or apcs because I'm primarily an infantry player and at most I do mad gunruns aka drivebys with the apcs.
You just have to find a good strategy to play as a german, that's a totally different playstile
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Old 2022-04-21, 16:07   #29

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Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Originally Posted by Mdx00 View Post
You just have to find a good strategy to play as a german, that's a totally different playstile
I will explain how to adapt to people and they just don't. I will try to convince them that taking all the tanks out together in view of each other to immediately save each other, distract for each other increases security, firepower and enemy takes longer to kill all of you. The tanks + APC + IFV + Anti-air vehicles+ logi repairs.

If CAS is trying to take out your tanks, then use tanks as bait for anti-air to take out CAS.

This is more common sense than how to change unit tactics for the weapons but people don't even do this invincible asset formation when given strong reasons to.
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Old 2022-04-28, 08:27   #30
Default Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

I wonder if the idea of allowing two MG's per squad in the Wehrmacht it's worth trying.
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