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PR:BF2 Clans For all things regarding teams and clans within PR:BF2

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Default Clan Forum Rules

In addition to the standard rules, here are more specifically for this forum:

  • Scrims advertisements are allowed within the respective forum only.
  • Recruitment advertisements are allowed within the respective forum only.
  • All other topics should be posted within the default PR Clans forum.
    • Excessive bumpage will result in your ad being locked.
    • There has been an excessive number of bashing posts recently in multiple clans recruitment threads. Regardless of your personal opinions, don't force them in on someone else's work. Bashing or flaming posts will be met with infractions, no exceptions, if the same behavior continues, you may receive a ban.
    • Repetitive "new clans" or "7 day units" users will be met with a warning. Try to form a clan, get a base, then recruit new players. Don't start to recruit without a core group, and do not post 2 threads a month about new clans. You will be warned for excessive spam.
    • Although you may be recruiting for a foreign language clan, english is still the main language of these forums. If you post a recruitment thread in another language, please provide at least a small description of what you're doing in english.
    • Flame wars between clans will not be tolerated. Any bashing of other clans will be given infraction points, and will be dealt with harshly.
    • Any misbehavior/flame posts by clan members may receive infraction points as well as possibly have :
      • Their Recruitment ability on these forums suspended.
      • Their server license reviewed.

Good luck, and have fun.

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Default Re: Clan Forum Rules


Recently there have been some problems in the clan section, so the mod team will be keeping a closer eye on things.

As always, for questions or if you need help, please PM a moderator.

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