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15 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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View Poll Results: Add Scope/Optics to Conventional Forces STD Medic class
Yes 111 66.87%
No 55 33.13%
Voters: 166. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-03-08, 15:41   #41
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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

Originally Posted by Ca6e View Post
i think this was sugested so many times since medic dont have scope anymore and u know why, becouse u had people soloing with medic kit and sniping around, when he was hit, he just simply heal himself. If u wont to see that, u must also remove self healing. And in real life medics by the default have iron sight or red-dot, if u saw medic with ACOG its probably mounted by himself, and when he is shot, he cant heal himself.
Now, only a team of 4 or more can have a medic kit.

If a person join, request medic kit, then quit team and run around soloing... the server admin can just ban him.

Also, I seriously doubt that a solo medic can survive for very long... this is not vBF2 where you can drop medic bag and heal immediately, he has to look down(or up, if prone) and heal for a long time.

However, I believe that magnified scopes on a medic is too much.

Maybe medics should have 3-4 mags only, so he has to run around rifleman's ammo bag.
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Old 2010-03-08, 18:36   #42

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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

Originally Posted by charliegrs View Post
Yeah but real medics are also doing theyre job of being medics. They dont have 1337 kiddies running around with ACOGs on point and just healing themselves when they get shot.
Would you go Rambo as a medic if you'd get acog scopes? I know I wouldn't. Sometimes a scoped rifle would come rather handy, like on maps like Silent Eagle. A good medic knows what he has to do, I know a scope wouldn't spoil my game.

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Old 2010-03-08, 19:51   #43

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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

I dont get the big fuzz, ironsites are better than scopes anyway

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Old 2010-03-08, 20:51   #44

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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

I dont get the big fuzz, ironsites are better than scopes anyway
Extremely subjective opinion there. I prefer scopes in all combat on every map, cqc gets a little hectic at times, but I cope with being able to hit at range constantly and accurately.

Anyway, the main reason I want to see the medic get the scope is because it is realistic while not actually affecting gameplay significantly. The prospect of a one man super class is pretty ridiculous when a single officer can do the same due to his field dressings for a short time. If you have trouble taking a medic with a scope, than I question your ability to be a successful squad particulary when a single SAW is a far, far greater threat than a self healing rifleman.

I can't see any inf squad moving without a medic so every encounter would be balanced. Insurgency is assymetrical so still no issue there. A medic not constantly healing his teammates gets his squad killed. There is no real reason for not making this change that I can see.
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Old 2010-03-09, 04:06   #45

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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

I think the Medic should have a Scope option like riflemen, yes.

They're limited to one to squad, somewhat mandatory, have low ammo and no non-smokes. Further more, let's face it, on most maps you are fighting on ranges more then a ironsight is really feasible to do... So unless you want the mandatory guy to be bored, it's best to just give them the scope.

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Old 2010-03-09, 08:13   #46
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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

There should probably be an option to request a scoped medic from the supply crate, but the spawn kit should be irons/reddot.

To be honest, a medic with aimpoint would be a dream, so much more useful than the acog.

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Old 2010-03-09, 21:31   #47

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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

Originally Posted by -.-Maverick-.- View Post
I prefer ironsights and aimpoints anyway, much quicker scope-in time.
like my opinion

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Old 2010-03-10, 00:41   #48
Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

I would hope the next patch they would get one since playing Cad forces and IDF it really does not make a difference that the medic get an optic IMO it makes things more like real life... I have not seen any random soloing with the medics so I do not think that is really an issue. As for the coming to a squad, requesting the kit and then leaving I have seen none of that either. Since there needs to be 4 to a squad to request it and is limited I also see no problem with this.

Also Playing insurgency, it does not matter I think, because now with the limited rally points and all the medic/corpsman seems to need more uwmph, time and time again I have seen the whole squad down and the medic/corpsman the last one trying to revive, and having to fight off 2-3 insurgents/Taliban. IRL a medic/corpsman has his weapon not to engage but to defend himself and the casualty, that's where some type of optic would come into play if your fighting 2-3 insurgents/Taliban is it realistic for the US or GB to send in ground forces without proper equipment, no unless the shooter has a preference, this is easily fixed by allowing the medic/corpsman to choose a kit with an optic or not.

also if things work out this way the medic/corpsman should have only like 3 mags... have you ever picked up a corpsman's ILBE it is heavy as F**k. Plus his MTV/plate carrier, plus lightweight helmet, Plus padding etc... your not going to take more bullets than band aids ya know. Mags do weigh a lot...
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Old 2013-08-10, 16:23   #49
Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic


I think that on the Corpsman the M16 Aimpoint should be replaced as i cannot for the life of me find a picture or footage of a Corpsman with an Aimpoint, I have seen sone with an M4 UGL RCO but not a M16 Aimpoint. I personally think the M16 Aimpoint should be replaced with M4 Acog or M4 irons as most Corpsmans are now issued M16/iron/Acog or If they are lucky M4/irons/acog+

(PS i know this thread is three years old but i think it is still valid)
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Old 2013-08-10, 16:39   #50
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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

It is being discussed by the developers.

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Closed Thread

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