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06 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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View Poll Results: Add Scope/Optics to Conventional Forces STD Medic class
Yes 111 66.87%
No 55 33.13%
Voters: 166. You may not vote on this poll

Closed Thread
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Old 2013-08-29, 09:51   #141
Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

Vote is definitely no.
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Old 2013-08-31, 08:42   #142
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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

having that extra rifle in the fight is often the difference between killing off the enemy squad/s and healing up after the fact, or losing your medic while he's getting someone else and then having to drop another rifle from the fight to pick up the medic kit to continue reviving. give us the option, i hate that when i lead i am restricted to forcing my medic to hide in a hole during a mid to long range engagement just because he's useless otherwise. give him optics. let the players remember their job and punish those that forget it. every time i'm on a CF map i've noted time and again that i can more effectively engage opfor squads when my medic is in the fight as well.

an engagement won with a fighting medic compared to a fight won without as i've noticed usually results in fewer squad members needing to be revived over all. Why should we limit ourselves to hiding our medics and losing a rifle or two for the entire duration of the fight, when we only need the medics reviving ability when someone is down? the medic only needs to stop fighting when someone else is down and if everyone in the squad is paying attention and doing their jobs then it shouldn't matter if the medic goes down, another member will then and only then drop out of the fight and pick up the medic. if you're in a situation bad enough that everyone is down and the medic needs to get everyone else up then that medic needs to be fighting to win first, otherwise he's just going to get killed while trying to heal someone else.

let the medic be combat effective, i'm sure most players that bother to be medic are mature enough to remember their job, otherwise it's the squad leaders job to remind them of their job and it would be the SLs failure if he fails to do so.

TLDR: When I lead, my medics fight. When I'm the medic, I fight. Everyone is a rifleman first, all other jobs are secondary.

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Old 2013-08-31, 15:43   #143
Heavy Death

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Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

I wuld wote yes. Its a modern army, ranges are extended, to double or even beyond in 1.0... Medics/Breachers could easily have magnification.

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Old 2013-08-31, 16:34   #144
Default Re: give optic to corpsman and medic

They still will revive people with scopes on the guns if they are any good at being a medic. I find more often I am unable to revive people because I do not have a scope, this means i cannot see where the enemy is, meaning I go into a dangerous area as I cannot see that there is a guy over there, and if a medic gets caught at close range healing he is dead, or he will be able to hip fire as the time given doesn't allow aiming down sights. Scoped guns means I can easily identify threats and know how best to get to the patient and take out a target before he even gets close to me. This especially helps on wide open maps, where if we get ambushed all I can do is spray or just stay down on the ground getting shot because I cannot hit anything and cannot see where the threat is, making staying alive hard and reviving impossible. Also if you do not want to be disadvantaged at close range there will still be a close range option, and maybe that can be default for all apart from Marines or factions where they have scopes as normal in real life, or if you cannot cope with multitasking then choose the non-scoped option or get someone else to be medic!
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Old 2013-08-31, 17:30   #145

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Thank you for all your feedback, a decision has been reached. This thread is locked for the time being.

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Closed Thread

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