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Old 2007-02-17, 12:08   #1
Question Vehicle hitpoints?

How is the hitpoint system appied to all the vehicles? The only thing I've noticed is that the gerilla "APC" (dont know its name) had damaged weels on one side once. Other vehicles has been only working or destroyed.

Is there a table or something were I can see how different hits on vehicles affects them?

It wold be cool if for example the helos tail rotor could be damaged so that the pilot could not use "strafe" buttons and the chopper starts to rotate like in Black Hawk down Also destroying a fighter jets engine or wing would be great fun!

An other thing... what about ejection seats for fighters!!
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Old 2007-02-17, 17:33   #2

1. Just repair that wheel. You can disable tanks, and apc's.

2. Just take the basic thought of, Front is strongest, Top is weak, sides are weak, back is weakist. Under.. Lol is it possible to get a direct hit on the bottom.

3. You should fly a chopper now..! It's pretty crazy flying a blackhawk now because you don't have the reaction of the tail rotor as in the past.

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Old 2007-02-17, 17:59   #3
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Originally Posted by Wipeout
Lol is it possible to get a direct hit on the bottom.
LOL ? Mine, C4 or IED OR when the vehicle is coming up over a ridge at you if you are lucky.
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hitpoints, vehicle
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