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06 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2011-04-18, 19:58   #1

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Default [AAR] Today's lulz on Beirut

So i'm leading a squad of 8(It was on the 128 player server), we were Russia and were inserted near the TV station, suddenly we hear the Namer. So me and Herr_Schnitzel run into the TV-station, and the 2-3 others who were there(and not yet inserted) Hid behind our shiny new FOB.

Now i think you think you know what happened. The Namer shot the guys down there up and me and Schnitzel hid like Frenc---Cowards. You are wrong.

The Namer's gunner couldn't shoot for shit. So the 3 people down there are playing a mechanized bullfight with that thing, while i shouted "TORO TORO" to the Driver. At some point the driver(who barely had experience driving his trike looking at his driving) drives into a supply crate, after wich i trew 2 Incendiaries at him. My people on the ground(Who miraculously survived the rampage) started making it som Mario rip-off, Intended or unintended drove it trough the flames, after wich it started smoking. The driver then rammed the Fob, turned around and got shot at, this annoyed him to a degree where he jumped out and attempted to shoot us, but then all 5 of us opened up on him and he died.
Now here comes the funniest part

Remember when i mentioned the shitty gunner? Well you'd expect them to communicate that the Driver died and he died. Well, no. The gunner actually didn't bother to look around at the 3 Russian infantryman behind him. Then we decided to throw another Incendiary, shoot him, after wich the gunner switched to driver, tried to run people over but failed, and then went away, tail between his legs.

That day, i remembered the fun you can have in PR when the other team fails
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Default Re: Today's lulz on Beirut

gehehe nice battle-report. Yea sometimes PR gets real gamey like that and all you can do is laugh :P Laugh a lot if it gets as bad as your situation
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aar, beirut, lulz, today
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