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05 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Introducing a small bleed per amount flags taken on Skirmish layers


Currently, the winning team of a Skirmish map is determined by the amount of people killed on the enemy team. An example of this could be that team A is capped to their last flag, showing that team B has executed excellent teamwork and skill to cap them back. However, due to team A simply sitting with SAWs or whatever at their spawn, they can win regardless of how much teamwork they institute simply by killing the enemies as they try to revive.


As shown in the situation above, PR Skirmish (in my opinion) should be about the amount of teamwork a team shows as opposed to how many enemies they kill. No person should be rewarded by a victory simply due to their ability to walk into a room spraying with a SAW.

Teamwork is rewarded by the taking of objectives, in this case: flags. The problem here is, the reward is meaningless since the enemy team could (and often does) have more kills than yours making the amount of flags taken useless.


In my opinion solving this problem can be done by adding a small bleed which increases per amount of flags taken (with the average flag amount on Skirmish being 4, 2 flags each would incur no penalty)

This would balance the amount of tickets lost attempting to take the next flag or last flag, since as your team loses them for casualties taken in the assault, the enemy loses them for losing an important objective.

Don't get me wrong, this bleed is not large at all. It would have to be dependent on the size of the map, using Beirut as an example, capping the IDF out to their last flag (which is incredibly hard to take as Russians) would be one every minute or so, but obviously it would be dependent on the mapper to decide how much tickets are lost.

It would give an advantage in two ways, firstly it would stop the defending team putting on the backfoot and simply defending trying to waste the enemies tickets, and it would also give a fresh new approach to AAS which is often determined (during stalemate situations) by the amount of kills each team has.

Open to criticism.
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