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14 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Default Make Bijar great again

So Bijar canyons was one of my favorite maps but with this new update is it's pretty bad .I know that bijar was never good for infantry but now is unplayable.I understand the reasons why there is no more scopes for IDF but i think that on map like Bijar WE NEED SCOPES BACk!!
With nerfing tows in past updates it was quite bad for infantry but with removing scopes its impossible to defend.The worst is that after this update i played bijar maybe 5-6 times and every time the server was dying.For others maps like Beirut or Gaza is maybe fine but removing scopes from Bijar i BAD idea and map will not survive.

pls fix
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Old 2018-10-27, 23:56   #2
Default Re: Make Bijar great again

Man l dunno to be honest. l would rather get kicked in the balls for 2h straight than play 1 round of Bijar so l dunno if my opinion should count on this one.

Either way, l only got the chance to play once it since the last update (thank god) but it was the most fun l had in Bijar and l would even go as far to say the most fun round in that month. Lucky l had a good SQL that some what lead us in to combat so that could have heavly influenced the experience. We were also playing on the midle map layer around/inside the Tunnel Flag.

The fact that they removed scopes made us go CQB keeping us engaged the entire round instead of the - 1.30h sit in the FOB, getting hit non stop by: CAS/TANK/APC/SNIPER/TOW/ocasional bullets of the other guys sitting at 1 000 000 000 000 km in their FOB with the most entartaining part being complaining how much the map sucks to the surrounding people.

Its a tricky one but l would leave it has it stands to be honest. The difference needs to come from the SQL, the mentality has to change into a more CQB one. The engagement distance if we get into more CQB standpoint aint that far if you really consider them. Sure its uncorfortable not to have a scope but its not impossible to hit targets either with single fire. The map is made out of hills that allows Infantry to go around it to close in the distance while somewhat "covered" or you can have ridge line firefights and m├ędium distances (which to me was pretty fun).

On my personall take now l dont think we can atribute server death or people not wanting to play due to the change since the stigma for this map is already rooted in the comunity. l guess we need more people trying it out and giving feedback but its super contraversial to last statement l just said

P.S - l totally forgot to reply to the defence part. Well sandabags and HMG should be more implaced now but. The truth is with no scopes it comes down more to the skill of the player (reason why l dislike to SQL in woodland maps, you have to relly in your men) and tactics of the SQL. In case one keeps loosing in defence maybey comunicate with the APC for support instead of only of the intel on NME vehicles
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