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08 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [Map] Operation Cypress (2km) [Concept]

Map based on Cypress Bowl Alphine Resort in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Mt.Strachan specifically
Size: 2km
Factions: CFvsRU
Gamemode: AAS (32v32 and maybe inf only night layer)
Gameplay type: Mechanized infantry and infantry combat
Backstory: Russian ground forces have launched a preliminary attack on Cypress Bowl in preparation for the invasion of the West Coast. The CF must now retake the mountain held by Russian paratroopers or lose North Vancouver.
A friend of mine (Hawkowl/jsdk70, also please welcome him to the forum and PR) and I had been skiing recently at Cypress and we thought the terrain of cypress ski resort would be really unique and enjoyable to fight over in PR. The map would feature lots of flanking routes and thick forests for mech. inf and inf to have combat in (respectively) and objects that would provide interesting cover such as moguls, terrain parks, jumps . And since the terrain would in favour of whoever was at the peak, I thought it would be really interesting if the assets were purposely unbalanced (i.e. APCs, gun cars and trans cars for CF, and just BRDMs and trucks for RU)
Also some problems that might come up that I thought about:
-winter camo for CF(?)
-our experience with mapping
Hawkowl and I both have some knowledge of L3DT, B2 Editor, SketchUp, AutoCad, and little bit of 3DsMax, we know it will be a long project, but we are determined, if anyone could give us tips or help, it would be great We will declare this WIP as soon as we can, however we are still highschool students.

Here are some photos to give you guys an idea of how it will look
The minimap will look somewhat like this?
Found this on Google Earth, better visual.
Map of cypress bowl

Also thining about a night inf only layer

Thank you for your time.
EDIT: Wrote 64v64 by accident... hurrdurrdurr

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