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Old 2009-06-19, 17:31   #1
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Exclamation Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

The award winning Project Reality Mod Team and Black Sand Studios is proud to announce the official release of the Project Reality v0.86 Patch!

Over the past four months, we have been tediously combing through Project Reality v0.85, addressing any major issues and bugs which were introduced upon its release. With the help of our dedicated tester team and continued feedback from you, the community, multiple tweaks and alterations were performed that have greatly improved the overall game play and stability of the mod. We would like to thank the entire community for being patient and sticking with us throughout this release cycle.

Project Reality v0.86 Major Features
  • Insurgency heavily tweaked to improve gameplay.
  • Civilian class tweaked to prevent exploits.
  • Completely revamped the medic system.
  • Changed Combat Medic to now be a limited kit.
  • Added Automatic Rifleman (limited) and Officer Ironsites (limited) to the spawn menu.
  • Added "Auto-Deploy" to automatically join full servers when a slot is free.
  • Heavily improved the server browser in the main menu.
  • Added news ticker to the bottom of the main menu.
  • Added M249 with Elcan and ACOG Scope to USMC, US Army, and GB Forces
  • Added zoom to all conventional faction's LMG's
  • Added new PLA WZ551A with new QJC-88 MG.
  • Standardized and updated various weapon, vehicle and effects sounds.
  • Tweaks to various maps to increase performance, help game balance, and enhance gameplay.
  • Countless bug fixes and tweaks to improve your Project Reality experience.

For a complete, comprehensive list of all the changes and newly added features in PR v0.86, please view the following Developer Blog entry:

Official Project Reality v0.86 Manual
While the Project Reality Wiki is still offline getting a major overhaul, for new and old players alike, we highly encourage you to read the Official Project Reality Manual, which has been updated for the PR v0.86release.

Project Reality v0.86 Help
If you experience any problems during the installation process, or while playing PR v0.86, please read through the FAQ Guide to see if your question has already been addressed, or check the Installation Guide to ensure you installed everything correctly.

As always, the Project Reality Team would like to thank all of the supporting Battlefield 2 mod websites, server providers, and of course our dedicated community for all of their hard work and continued support. In particular, we want to extend a special thanks to the =TCC= Community, who have been supplying game servers and testers for Project Reality for quite some time now. They have been working hard behind the scenes helping us prepare the PR v0.86 patch, and without their continued support, we would have not been able to prepare this release in a timely manner. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed and are greatly appreciated!

- The Project Reality Team
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Old 2009-06-19, 17:32   #2

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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

Happy tactical gaming everybody!
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Old 2009-06-19, 17:34   #3

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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

Don't forget to install the .NET framework

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Old 2009-06-19, 17:35   #4
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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

I serrudyyeeerr!
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Old 2009-06-19, 17:37   #5
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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!


"That's how it starts, Mas, with that warm happy feeling inside. Pretty soon you're rocking in the corner, a full grown dog addict, wondering where your next St Bernand is coming from..." - IAJTHOMAS
"Did they say what he's angry about?" asked Annette Mitchell, 77, of the district, stranded after seeing a double feature of "Piranha 3D" and "The Last Exorcism." - Washington Post
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Old 2009-06-19, 17:37   #6
Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

Hell yes! Now I can finally press Alt + F4 for fast ropes!
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Old 2009-06-19, 18:48   #7

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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

Originally Posted by xXRich07Xx View Post
Hell yes! Now I can finally press Alt + F4 for fast ropes!
They put fast ropes tooo?????
With the Alt + F4 Shortcut!!!????

omg 30 seconds left!!!

In-game name: =[BF]= Rudy_PR
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Old 2009-06-19, 17:38   #8
Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

"Insurgency heavily tweaked to improve gameplay."
"Civilian class tweaked to prevent exploits"
Major Failure Patch , so many QQ Kids
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Old 2009-06-19, 17:39   #9

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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

Wait, new Civie animations.... what??!??!??! How does that work?!

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Default Re: Project Reality v0.86 Patch Released!

I'm crying...
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