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31 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2020-10-05, 22:44   #1
Default Killing bulls out of season

-Is it playing of PR,these days became different.Or it's time for the older players to retire.I've been trying to play for the last few days one normal round,but I fail.
-I'm trying to log in to the only one US/EU server,I fail.
(I stare at the screen with message try again in 5 sec...,and along the way I see reserved slots)feel sick
-When I manage to log in(5-20 min waiting) and then on the server anarchy.
-Well, I'm thinking of something,maybe microphones have gone in history.People don't even use them.
-And maybe the game is now in FPS mode(without tactical),who will know.
-And maybe it's time to leave at the end of the fairy tale
-I hope something changes,perhaps educating new players or maybe not.
It's a little stupid killing bulls out of season

I'm going to wait in line on the server now,maybe I'll get lucky tonight.So maybe I'll fire a single bullet tonight.I can go to HOG,I see there are 2 players,so as the third I can run around the map looking for an opponent.To be a great party


There's no real flame on your screen, it's just magic ---p.s computer science

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Old 2020-10-08, 19:07   #2
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Default Re: Killing bulls out of season

Well, maybe you need to take a break, play something else or don't play anything at all. I don't enjoy PR when I "force" myself to play it too, or any game for that matter.

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Old 2020-10-09, 12:00   #3

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Default Re: Killing bulls out of season

apply for a reserved slot, I'm sure they'll give you.
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Old 2020-10-12, 14:41   #4

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Default Re: Killing bulls out of season

PR is still one and only, no real alternatives so far. Game needs to be free of commercial limitations to be fully like PR. So there is nowhere else to go.
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Old 2020-10-17, 11:22   #5
Default Re: Killing bulls out of season

DevilDogGamer, DarkLiberator Zone, BlueDrake and BF3:Reality Mod YouTube channels all released videos about PR or showing game play. These are all big youtuber names and that is where all these new players and anarchy are coming from. Im going to play to try and teach some new guys. I keep telling you and everyone else to learn from the Squad Teamwork playlist on YouTube. There is only ONE way to move with your squad and work with other squads, "1 man per cover, cover to cover, stay in view of each other, explosive spread of RPG/Grenades/mortar" just for movement to stay alive. If you dont say this, especially with new players then enforce it, it doesnt change, you dont go out of view or get closer to each other. Same problem with impatient players who think EVERYONE there needs to dig the FOB or emplacement, thats how everyone dies in one spot because it just has to be dug in 30 seconds while having 4 hour timer. I got an Xbox recently so i blame myself for not catching these new players so i can tell them the teamwork expectations that were here in PR when i first started. No other game like PR but they play it like Rising Storm. Squad v19 and Project Reality 1.6 teamwork playlist

Did I mention I'm a deadly SOB? Life is like a box of chocolates fool, you never know if its me till you break down that psychological warfare that done happened to you or your friendlies. Get to know me on the Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist on YouTube for 20+ skills
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