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16 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:03   #1
Wing Walker
Default PR-Deviation is Backwards

When you are aiming a heavy rifle your first second or two aiming would be your most accurate shot. A snap shot of sorts. All your muscles are working together to in one motion bring your sight to your eye and on target, fallowing through the trigger pull.

After that shot your muscles are holding the rifle up in one position trying not to move, which is why competition shooters need to have good control of their bodies, consciously moving their muscles and not the rifle.

The longer you hold a heavy rifle, such as something heavier than 7lbs, your muscles will begin to weaken and your aim will begin to sway more and more the longer you hold it there.

This doesn't mean that it would keep getting worse, but it would defiantly not be as accurate as the first few seconds grade to a certain level.

Waiting 8 seconds in a standing position holding a Sniper rifle or the LMG would actually degrade your accuracy the longer you aimed that way.

The Standing position should give 1 to 2 seconds of no deviation (I would prefer 1), with the deviation cone widening after that to a point where you would not have the best accuracy.

Simply put, it needs reversed to be realistic as a factor of how much the rifle weighs in real life to time/movement. In the standing, unsupported shooting stance only.
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