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14 Jun 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2014-01-17, 20:14   #1
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Smile #MasterX - PRvsReality

Hi all!

Thanks for stopping by, take your time to take a look on these 'wallpapers' I made. The theme is basically "PRvsReality" which means I manipulate real images into a PR scenario (the so called photo manipulation). I'm not a pro at all, I just really enjoy making these !

Wondering if you guys can recognize the maps! (PS. The one with the chinook isn't actually right, since there are no chinooks on that map, but this one fits better for the overall wallpaper)




I hope you guys liked it! I'll be posting more!


UPDATE 27-10-2014

So yeah, whoever saw the PRT topic might noticed the "artworks" I added. They are basically in-game screenshots taken from BattleRecorder and later edited in Photoshop. Nothing special really, just making some fun stuff for PRT to boost the morale of the players

I added the original files for anyone who might be interested.

Original --> Edited
All 1920x1080


Update 12-12-2014

Not really a PRvsReality, but I had a go with (probably) the new PR game named SQUAD. I decided to make my own version of the logo and made several examples to show it off. Also made a wallpaper putting a taliban render from Squad on a real background. I did post this on Squad forums, forgot to post it here tho. Please, see below and let me know what you think!


(background from Insurgency)
Click picture for HIGH-RES (1905x1080)


Click picture for HIGH-RES (2300x1600)

Render: Link
Background: Link
Smoke: Link

Click for HIGH-RES (1920x1080)
Logo in vector ?( 2 versions )

Click picture for HIGH-RES (3212x884)

Click picture for HIGH-RES (3212x884)

Nothing too fancy really, hope you guys like it!

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Old 2014-01-17, 20:18   #2
Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

Fallujah and Khamisiyah

How about some OPFOR styled pictures?
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Old 2014-01-17, 20:20   #3
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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

sureal eyecandy

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Old 2014-01-17, 20:53   #4

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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

HOLY **** this is AWESOME!! Make more please, Russian/Militia style ones if you can!

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Old 2014-01-17, 21:06   #5
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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

I only see two pictures, you got a lot of work to do mate lol, I love them tho, looks epic

Its SO evil, it may actually encourage EA to support Modding again - Pantera
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Old 2014-01-17, 21:09   #6
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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

that looks great Make em wallpaper size! And maybe add some PR vehicles or air assets in the far background?

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Old 2014-01-17, 21:27   #7
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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

Excellent work. Can't wait for more

And now, we wait.....
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Old 2014-01-17, 21:38   #8
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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

MOAR! nice style mate

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Old 2014-01-17, 21:38   #9

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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

You know, for a second there, I was about to call you a tool bucket, but then I looked a little closer.

Well done!
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Old 2014-01-17, 22:20   #10
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Default Re: #MasterX - PRvsReality

dude this amazing do more!!!!
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#masterx, prvsreality, wallpaper
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