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20 Jun 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Question Few questions

Hey guys, some nub questions but I did the pr_edit and extracted everything and what not, but in game I cant find some things like supply crates (probable spawn right?), vehicles aren't in the editor (cant see them, same with weapons) just in game, and I don't think I have all the objects I've seen in usual maps.

Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Few questions

Would it be possible to explain that a little clearer.... vehicles in the Editor can only be seen when you "right click" and add an object spawner for that vehicle. Then you need to use the tweaker menu to select the right vehicle model for the correct team you want the vehicle to represent... then change the "show team on vehicle" check box... That will load the mesh into the editor and you will see it instead of a blue box.

Not sure what you mean about weapons.... the editor doesn't have weapons minus the soldier camera option.

Crates need to be placed much like the vehicles..

If I understood you incorrectly then please explain what you mean just a wee bit better :P

Killing the enemy sylently
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Default Re: Few questions

^^What he said.

If you are still unable to do so then you need to go the the Mod Manager tab and make sure you have all the necessary stuff ticked in

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