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26 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2018-11-16, 18:48   #1

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Default PR gamespy query

Hi there.
So, very long time ago i had a bot that checked info on the servers (similar to PRSPY) by using a gamespy query packet ("\xFE\xFD\x00\x10\x20\x30\x40\xFF\xFF\xFF\x01" ,)
Now, i need to get that working again. But something is wrong.
IIRC default BF2 server should respond with 4-5 UDP packets with all the info he has to say, but using it on a modern PR server i only get a single packet that has only a small part:

? 0@splitnum?pid_?100096242?100502163?100000420?10 0507425?100008529?100515148?100433906?100001408?10 0351049?100163272?100419530?100500050?100006506?10 0006909?100317130?100000191?100464563?100428355?10 0507286?100477326?100000667?100221325?100478153?10 0491496?100009959?100497890?100510852?100514551?10 0515822?100264950?100404390?100000197?100490124?10 0080979?100017829?100451323?100442082?100157088?10 0393663?100515640?100150556?100029159?100480998?10 0515715?100000177?100479268?100439473?100513612?10 0464966?100481685?100002635?100003113?100488376?10 0513388?100515804?100401790?100376958?100399699?10 0009474?100016989?100486152??skill_??2?4?5?1?10?5? 2?2?0?2?7?15?0?1?5?4?3?0?9?14?0?11?5?23?5?2?1?5?0? 2?1?8?1?1?2?3?9?16?5?1?4?1?4?0?2?0?7?1?1?0?0?0?0?2 ?2?2?0?7?0?0?2?0?0?0??AIBot_??0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0? 0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0? 0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0?0? 0?0?0?0???team_t??RU?CH??score_t??0?0???
Can someone point me to the right direction on what i'm doing wrong, or maybe devs changed something here?
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Old 2018-11-17, 00:04   #2
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Default Re: PR gamespy query

Are you sure you're getting only a single packet? we haven't changed it.
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Old 2018-11-17, 00:58   #3

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Default Re: PR gamespy query

Originally Posted by AlonTavor View Post
Are you sure you're getting only a single packet? we haven't changed it.
Yeah i'm pretty sure. Now i tried to sniff data that PR client receives, and found out that it is a problem with PRTA server only.

Not quite sure why is that happening tho was dumb of me to not try different servers

but then how is that possible that PRSPY has the playerlist of PRTA when it does not responds correctly and even in-game server browser can't see them. could that be the problem on my end?

edit: just hopped into an amazon aws instance and ran my code there, all works fine. looks like it's on my end after all
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