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26 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2017-03-06, 05:34   #1
Default Hey guys, squad player here.. looking to tryout PR!

Is there any other links to download pr? i cannot torrent anymore.. sadly my isp don't allow any torrenting or they will black list me from using their internet.

also are the keybinds the same as it is in squad? such as Q to unload supplies from trucks, Left click to bandage others, build.. right click to heal yourself/unbuild

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Old 2017-03-06, 05:37   #2
Default Re: Hey guys, squad player here.. looking to tryout PR!

sry, i just found out that there is a sub forum for this sort of post.

and im not seeing any delete thread options here... admins if u see this, you can delete it.. sry!
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Default Re: Hey guys, squad player here.. looking to tryout PR!

Welcome! Hope you like it

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Default Re: Hey guys, squad player here.. looking to tryout PR!

I would recommend to Change the voip keys, i got the Squadchat on my middle mouse Button for example.

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Old 2017-03-06, 10:22   #5
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Default Re: Hey guys, squad player here.. looking to tryout PR!

Keybinds are largely the same, though there is no leaning and other things function differently(eg. supply crates are selectable as a "weapon" in the logi trucks among other things and dropped with a right click). Keybinds can be redistributed ingame to your liking, keep in mind though that infantry, land vehicles, jets and helos all have their own layout which ought to be changed to your liking once you've got a good enough grasp how the game works. The mumble keybinds for the ingame VOIP have to be changed in the launcher or by right clicking the PR icon in the systray after launching the game and then going to the settings menu from there.

Compared to squad bits of the game may look archaic but it's still very much playable. You cannot bandage yourself like you do in Squad. Bluntly spoken, what you do instead is that you drop a +25 health item below your feet. This you then can pick up for yourself(if damaged) or for friendlies to use. The bandage does not stop your bleeding wounds though, instead whether or not you bleed is governed by your health. If it's above 75 you don't bleed at all, if it's below that you need to find a medic, a supply crate or an enemy kit which you can loot for its bandages until you're above the 75 health bleeding range. Below 30-35 HP your character will start coughing heavily, at 25 HP your screen will go into a blurry black and white instead of the red pop up that comes at intervals.

Similar archaic is the kit selection menu, only 7 different classes are available from the spawn screen, the rest have to be grabbed from your team's supply crates, APCs/IFVs or main base. You do however have the option to "customize" your weapon to a degree, most armies allow you to switch between a scoped version of their standard issue rifle and an iron-sighted or red-dot one, whereas USVietnam, NVA, Militia, Hamas, Taliban, FAS and Insurgents may have an entirely different weapon in the alternative slot(eg. an AK47 as standard and AK74 as alternative for your rifleman) of a kit. To request a specific version of a kit you have to left-click for standard and right-click for the alternative kit(except on the spawn menu where you can just click STD or ALT). Sometimes secondary equipment changes too, but that mostly is the case with the AT kits you shouldn't be grabbing anyways.

Treating players is different from squad, too. To revive a teammate you have to use the Epipen on his upper body*, and then heal him quickly with the medic bag. You cannot use the bag on yourself however, you have to expend your bandages for that or ask another medic if you want to save these. Resuscitate does nothing but move the ragdoll around to get players unstuck from objects, often they're unreviveable when parts of the ragdoll glitch into walls and similar.

*actually you have to stab the player position, especially on slopes the radgoll will however no longer be a 100% guaranteed indication where the true body is. Instead you have to stab at the spot where a player's local voice is coming from - most players know this and will tell you when they can see you crawling on top of them if reviving the ragdoll or the kit proves to be futile.

Many other things will be told in the manual - a good read while you wait for your download to finish. Happy fragging.

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Old 2017-03-06, 10:33   #6
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Default Re: Hey guys, squad player here.. looking to tryout PR!

Yeah many things in PR will probably look really anti-technology to a squad-player

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guys, hey, player, squad, tryout
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