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20 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII Suggestions Suggestions from our community members.

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Default Suggestions that can make the mini-mod interesting

So back in August 2015 a guy named "Extra Credits" made a video regarding how most World War II games have barely scratched the surface of that time in history ( Hear me out here guys, wouldn't it be interesting to make maps based on the underexplored campaigns back in WW2 to make the mini-mod kind of unique to itself? FH2 has only done Eastern Front, Western Front, and North African campaign maps so shouldn't we at least establish differences from it?

I'm not saying that you guys should abandon the current maps but I suggest we add maps that would make this mini-mod unique. It would be better if you guys watched the video as it contains a lot of details on how we can #MakeWW2FPSGamesGreatAgain. Because man, either no one has made you do this in currently released WW2 games or mods, or only a few people have done the following:

Play as a Chinese soldier fighting the Japanese

Fighting a guerilla war against the Japs in the Philippines

Play as a Manchurian resistance fighter

Fighting Nazi fascist Jew-killing holocaust promoting motherfuckers in Poland as a Polish Soldier or Resistance Figher (Call of Duty 3 Had it but it was console exclusive so it's not really well known)

And several other things left untouched which are in Extra Credits' video which would surely make great maps for this mini-mod.
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