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01 Oct 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2022-08-07, 20:10   #11
Default Re: Questions regarding accuracy

if I understand correctly, the problem is not implementing weapon sway.

its syncing the sway to where the bullet will impact that is limited by the engine.

meaning the rifle will visually sway left but the deviation will tell the bullet to offset to the right.
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Old 2022-08-10, 04:24   #12
Default Re: Questions regarding accuracy

Originally Posted by Operator_Max1993 View Post

i don't know the real reason why this is a thing, but the best reason i could think of is

since 1-3 hits can kill or injure you right away, they had to do something, plus it was done this way since there was no way to make "weapon sway" in a old antiquated engine
So the game doesn't become Call of Duty or even better, SQUAD where you get ambushed or come out of a sprint and clap the dude that took his time settle down, wait for you to be exposed out of cover and shot you.

People also seem to forget you have a regular rifle in your hands not a lazer cannon, if you want real good accuracy grab kits like the Marksman or Sniper which give you really good accuracy especially at long ranges (provided you wait for deviation) which is where you start to shoot 7 rounds on target with your rifle and you fail to kill the target
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Old 2022-08-10, 10:19   #13
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Default Re: Questions regarding accuracy

If you're standing you will be less accurate than if you were crouched, and crouched less accurate than prone, although the dots look the same in all three stances. Make a habit of at least crouching before firing.
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Old 2022-08-24, 23:21   #14
Default Re: Questions regarding accuracy

Originally Posted by rich$$gangsta View Post
My gun is on semi-auto, the two boxes on the bottom of my screen are perfectly aligned but I still dont hit my targets, even if they are within 50 meters of me while zooming with my 4x scope.
So, other than that, there is something not right in either what you think happened, or with your computer/ping, or with the particular weapon of the kit you were using when you tried this.

Are you aiming at a moving target? If so, in PR you do need to lead the target.

It is also harder to hit a moving human player than a bot.

If the settle time has reached its maximum, meaning the 2 dots settled in to 1 at the center, then there should be no miss at all at 50m, even at 100m on a still target.

Also, with everything still, there should be no miss even out something like 400m also depending on how well you can put/see the sight on the target.

The only way you would miss after aiming steady like that for the full settle time, at only 50m, would be if you or the target would move quickly, or maybe if your ping was 300+.

Even moving/walking shots are not hard at all inside 50m...

I tested this on a local co-op based on another claim in another thread that deviation was ruined, and had no problem moving fast and shooting bots at 50m or under. Beyond 50m it became harder to hit and needed multiple shots.

Try playing offline and TK bots to get a steady target.

This guy's vid shows what your should be happening.

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