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25 May 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Military Technology Discussion on military hardware.

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Default Re: Boxer for Australia (and land 400 in general)

How many Emu's can this machine massacre within fifteen seconds?
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Default Re: Boxer for Australia (and land 400 in general)

Not entirely sure how many on this forum are interested but regardless phase 3 is gathering pace.
Budget is $15 billion for 400 vehicles. Requirements released indicate army are looking for a tracked option with high levels of protection, 6 dismounts, manned turret, 30mm cannon, dual atgm launcher for spike missiles and ability to accept an APS (Trophy was selected yesterday so it may well be the light weight version of this) and augmented vision with option to explore unmanned turrets in the future. Current contenders are Lynx KF41, CV9030, AS21 redback and AJAX.

KF41 is seen as one of the favourites due to it having the same turret as the boxer that just won phase 2. Absolutely massive and ticks all the boxes on paper but is very young in its development.
Spoiler for KF41:

AJAX looks like the other favourite at this stage, comes from the UK scimitar replacement program which we have a thread on here. Hull is well tested, turret is new design. There are also rumours that this vehicle will possibly be set to replace the warrior in UK service as the warrior upgrade program isn't going very well.
Spoiler for AJAX:

AS21 is an upgraded K21 South Korean IFV. Nothing more than a render at the moment, a prototype won't be build unless they are down selected (which basically means they've already lost because no one in their right mind would down select a vehicle that doesn't exist).
Spoiler for AS21:

Army wasn't especially impressed with CV90 turret on the AMV35 during phase 2 and given the age and growth margin of the CV90 platform it's not looking promising for BAE and the CV90 in this competition.
Spoiler for CV90:

For more info check out DTR. Also mentioned in this is the requirement for 50 amphibious assault vehicles and an upgrade to the Abrams tank fleet. Will probably update thread when those things are further along.

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