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27 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Finnish Defense Forces Discussion pertaining to the PR Finnish Defense Forces faction.

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Old 2013-08-22, 17:00   #21

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Default Re: FDF Design plan and progress

Originally Posted by Leopardi View Post
Yeah they look the same but 66 KES 12 has a penetration of 450mm while the old M72 has 300mm. So it's even better than the AT4.
Indeed, I thought you meant some completely different device all together. I would guess they will keep it the same as LAW for other forces, to keep it fair and not confusing anyone.

How far is this project anyhow? Seemed to it was very well in production couple years ago already, when do I get to shoot some forces of the yellow nation?
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Old 2013-08-22, 17:46   #22
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Default Re: FDF Design plan and progress

Faction was progressing very well until july last year, when 2 of the key developers started their year long service in the army. We actively started developing again last month, and are progressing again, but to get things done faster, we need more manpower.

Even if you do not have any previous experience with 3d modeling, texturing, mapping or BF2 modding in general, contact us if you have the motivation to work on this, skills can always be acquired. Almost everyone on the team started with 0 experience

Best way to get in contact with us is through IRC (24/7);

#fdfpr @ QuakeNet you can use either an IRC client like mIRC or X-Chat, or you can use a browser webchat

FDF Looking for Modellers, Mappers, Texture artists and Exporters!
#fdfpr @ QuakeNet or PM Hulabi
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design, fdf, plan, progress
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