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28 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Old 2022-06-28, 10:20   #1
Default Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

Hello, I would like to make a suggestion about an interesting new layer for Operation Falcon. This could replace any of the existing layers, I think either large or infantry layer would be ok.

  • Poland vs. Russia
  • Poland starts with all flags, Russia has to attack
  • Assymetric assets: Russia gets a large number of BTRs and BMPs plus two tanks. Poland gets only a small handful of heavy assets but a large amount of light vehicles (maybe even civilian cars?).
  • To balance it, Poland gets a large number of HAT kits and AA kits that spawn in the main base. They also get more logis, and the UAV for russia is disabled so Poland has the intel advantage.

I know it would be hard to balance but... How cool would it be if we can make it work? This is the only game I know of where it might be possible to achieve a good representation of the power balance of the Ukraine war.

Of course if we could get a proper Ukraine faction and Ukraine map it would be even better, but this would be okay for a start. And even if we never get this layer, I think this thread can create some interesting discussion and fun ideas that I would like to hear
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Old 2022-06-29, 14:06   #2
Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

Originally Posted by rogdozz View Post
[*]Poland starts with all flags, Russia has to attack
this idea sounds good on paper but when the Russian team fails to even leave DOD it
ruins the game.
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Old 2022-06-30, 08:27   #3
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Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer


1) HAT kits will decimate heavy assets. Especially if it's the polish hat, which can kill tanks to the front with it's top attack.

2) Attacking without logistics is suicide in this game. If you have no fobs 80% of the team will spawn in main and repeatedly run to the first flag. Coupled with the high amout of hat kits this effectively traps russian forces in main.

The best way to fix both is to keep HAT kits but to instead give logi advantage to the russians
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Old 2022-07-03, 09:24   #4

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Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

The only thing impossible about this is the lack of everyone being on the same page about tactics. Then what people think I mean by tactics. Its nothing complex, you just do things together in a certain way, all simple. Most people don't use 90% of their ammo before dying, but they don't shoot because they want to save the ammo they won't use. To survive you need to use the ammo. Lets not forget in this situation main base and unlimited ammo would be right there in main base. But somehow low IQ people get machine guns and say "need to save ammo". 1 of 1000s times they will get on tanks, clearly having learned nothing. You got people using MTLB with no zoom thinking that means its somehow a close range fighting vehicle. Every new angle coming into view gets a bullet, all armor pieces in view of each other being the booby trap.

FOB can be put directly on the edge of DOD, so there is no excuse there. Its just some dumb squad leaders trying to build FOBs on enemy side of map first. That gets the logi trucks killed, has people not putting super FOB assets right outside DOD to attack first flag. This is YOU PEOPLE causing the issue. No matter what I teach, how much I teach, it never changes unless its the way I say it I add something onto it instructionally.

I refer you all to this video, nothing I do sticks. None of the phrases that solve issues are repeated. You actually need to train people to use machine guns, like tell them to start shooting into places until they see something. "1 man per piece of cover" is the same as "1 man hit per RPG formation/ in view of each other to save each other/1 man digs each thing.".. Its all the same thing, said multiple ways for the same outcome.

HAT can only take out one tank for a second before reloading. Say it doesn't kill the tank or track it, just damages it. That tank pulls back into cover, gets repairs and the other tanks just start laying waste to everything in view till a target is seen. One tank shell per house, using the COAX to sweep while reloading cannon. These things can be planned down to the seconds, shoot COAX while cannon reloads. Shoot everywhere till its cleared and got some ammo put in that location. The gunner needs to get full potential out of armor weapon systems. That means maximum output.

It takes LAT/HAT one second to peek, but for some reason you people imagine them just standing there in the open easy to see. So don't sit there looking around for them, this is why Russian tank columns are getting destroyed. If they have COAX ammo on the machine guns they need to sweep the tree lines, which I partially doubt they have ammo for them. 1000s of possibilities and people imagine the least dangerous one, fantasizing about killing the HAT kit under some tactical delusions.

Just like iron sights it becomes an area target engagement weapon, sweeping areas you cannot see into. Cause clearly you can't zoom to see targets to kill. Which its perfectly fine if a bullet flys past enemy, doesn't kill them, you didn't know they were there. But they know you are looking there now. Understand what this does to them, do it on purpose and you can manipulate them. I don't get why people don't shoot up the camouflage because you can't see in there anyways which means enemy can hide in there.

With what I see people do, I feel like I am actually teaching you all something new by saying "the enemy can hide, you don't use all your ammo the way you should, so you all die before using it"..."But squad leader we can't see anything". Which you should all know these things but you don't play like you all know it. Nothing changes no matter what i do. The way to win doesn't change, you all need to stay in view of each other. Somehow with this tactic being connected to me in game, that makes people want to do it less. But really I am just re-wording USA doctrine with my own twists and instructions on how to shoot, which unless YOU PEOPLE actually see a target they don't know how to do that simple task. Shoot and sweep till you see something. We have all these people wasting armor assets by not using the ammo. They sit there and wait to see something.

1 Man per piece of cover, Move cover to cover. In view of each other to save each other by shooting, distraction, division of enemy attention and ammo. 1 man hit per RPG/tank shell/mortar spread formation full time. Edge of cap zone. Use camouflage, police up each others exposure, no man seen sticking out. Scan aggressively with eyes and ears for anything suspect, even for birds disturbed to fly out of trees
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Old 2022-07-04, 08:08   #5
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Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

Originally Posted by Grump/Gump.45 View Post

FOB can be put directly on the edge of DOD, so there is no excuse there. Its just some dumb squad leaders trying to build FOBs on enemy side of map first. That gets the logi trucks killed, has people not putting super FOB assets right outside DOD to attack first flag. This is YOU PEOPLE causing the issue. No matter what I teach, how much I teach, it never changes unless its the way I say it I add something onto it instructionally.
Putting a fob at the edge of DOD is the worst tactic (short of not building fobs). Building fobs on the enemy side of the map is always better (as long as it's not >500 meters from the current objective).

You know what happens to fobs on the edge of DOD? They are even easier to farm for the enemy team because now there's even less variance in how people move from the fob to the objective.

Once people know your general location in PR you are dead. And having 50 people running alongside you will give your location away, no matter which tactics you use.
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Old 2022-07-04, 10:59   #6

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Exclamation Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

When people give off their tactics its so one sided small picture mentality, so slow paced and not multi-part. If they do multi-part its too complex of an imagined operation for the type of people we have. All my instructions are simple, set in stone and never changing. Say the subject skill, people will use it more. Camouflage, scan aggressively for any suspect pixel. That changes their perspective, tunes their mind while nobody on enemy team says it. Makes enemy team lack on the eyes. Makes enemy only use Call of Duty accurate fire at any range, close and far until they mimic the tactic thrown at them as if it was an order given or instruction to them too. while we have a scanning pre-fire edge to manipulate them. Make looking at us dangerous, we notice more.

Spiritual warfare tip for while we are in our bodies.

I suggest you learn what we are without the body, the science to it how it crosses from energetic to physical. Example being us as raw energy in a body, the spiritual piece, but we also have chemicals produced by the brain. So this raw energy of life leads to other physical processes, which includes reproduction, love hormones/pheromones and much more.

I asked for help from the awareness that once possessed the body of who we know as Sun Tzu, I offered his spirit to play through me back in 2016 or 2017. I offered and asked for many others. I have to say it works, listen to them when you feel them pull. Don't do what you want, do what they want. I have also felt my enemies energy, from the raw energy experiencing the environment which generates the thoughts. You cannot hear words of your enemies thoughts, but you can feel the energy and translate it into possibilities which are his minds options.

Be aware of every little twing you feel in your body, mindfulness of the feeling of your feet on the ground, the air on your skin, the chemical feeling of emotion your body produces it. The first step. Notice every rise and lowering of energy, you already feel it, but identify what that feeling actually is. Every solid gut feeling and separate what you feel apart from your enemies to tell the difference. You can feel their option when it commits. To some extent this already happens "I bet they are gonna---- Yep" as it starts happening. Because at that moment the external dialogue of enemy is happening for their orders given or their mind is loudly giving off its intentions. You cannot stress to get into the mindset. Use the confidence of this knowledge to not stress, to focus this practice.

On your enemies physical perceptions of the environment, penetrate his minds thoughts, be one step ahead of him. I have felt my enemies trigger finger and aim through the environment we experienced, then toyed with it. I can have 2 different effects on tank energetically by shooting it with bullets, I notice I get what I want. I shoot them to get them to stop, get them cocky like "Who did that?". But I also shoot at them and project the thought, the feeling of paranoia that if my bullets can get them then so can an RPG, its just not an RPG.

If I don't project fear from my intention with the bullets, which also means I must silence my thought of wanting to create paranoia they don't feel it unless they know this tactic on the physical and spiritual scale. If they are sensitive to it, they can read my intentions no matter what. If I do project fear they back track a bit BUT NOT ALL PEOPLE DO back track and I figured out why.

If they are not aware of this energy they are not sensitive to it, but its more complex. On the lowest level of evil as simple un-aware pawns, giving themselves to the personality of negative energy to spread it, trolls and the like who feed off others misery, using other people as toys are the ones whose minds are useless. Incapable of this awareness, they would use it against what it comes from in their quest to get a rise out of people and control them. They only experience the physical. So this awareness makes itself useless to them, they are operating on a lower level of frequency, negative energy. Bad vibrations.

Stay away from the dark side of the force.

I see the same mistakes over and over, it pisses me off. Automatic rifleman just laying waste because people can't take the hint of a dead body or watching friendly get shot. No common sense. If you can't change that as a leader in 5 minutes or 5 picked tips of instruction that is a leadership problem. Stick to the basics.

I am fine with enemy knowing where I am at, its coming from our side of the map anyways. Sometimes our only FOB is on enemy side of map with nobody defending, putting you far behind enemy in time and distance. Then people sit on the flag they can't cap anymore, partially cause they are too lazy to walk to their previous defense objective.

FOB on DOD edge or covering the last flag is what you need when getting steam rolled. Something prepared for the tanks when they come out, a TOW is like a stationary tank. But it can't take on a full enemy formation of tanks alone unless the enemy is slow to acquire. Divide area attack between 3 or more things. The flag, armor positions and a super FOB.

It doesn't matter what weapons the enemy has out there, maintain 1 man hit per tank shell spread full time. Type it in to team chat, you get more of that spread which works for RPGs, machine guns and a little bit for mortars.

Get in the edge of cap, if you can't kill tanks hide. The biggest issue is people being seen by tank and running to friendly the tank didn't see. You can have smart hidden friendly getting shot cause some impatient guy peeks out for no reason, it accomplishes nothing. People need to stop looking at what they can hear, using their ears to replace looking at something they shouldn't look at.

I notice a lot of people playing with effects below 100% which prevents hearing vehicles further away, hearing footsteps, identifying everything's distinct weapon noise, weapon sound location. They walk casually instead of cover to cover. They don't know to fire into camouflage areas till something suspect is seen in woodland areas because they don't use camouflage themselves. Always expecting the enemy to appear as unskilled as them.

Most people die while running and not looking through scope, when people die looking through scope its because they sit completely still not making the first shot try to miss. They sit there while getting shot at when not knowing where enemy is which means the race against time to find the enemy is lost, they don't need to kill that enemy, somebody else does. They try to see who can shoot who more accurately first while sitting still, when they should just take cover and let enemy shoot giving off their location.

You can't look for somebody already shooting at you from the same spot and not if he sees you move to a new spot either. The job is to keep the enemy shooting at you and focused till somebody else kills him. That tunnel vision of the enemy applies to you too, stop looking at one target for too long.

You should be watching over the guys moving out using them as bait to see where a tracer comes from or where the sound location of enemy gunfire starts at friendlies for the factions without tracers. That doesn't mean you stare at your friendlies through the scope, that is useless. Looking at each other, which is what 90% of people do instead of looking outward for enemy. I know this cause I catch friendlies doing this and say something. All these issues.
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Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

While we all enjoy the latest musings of the Grump Tactical Bot, let's stay on topic.

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Old 2022-07-04, 16:58   #8
Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

Poland starts with all flags, Russia has to attack

A neutral layer with both ru and poles attack the flags would be better you don't want the ru attack to stall from their main
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Old 2022-08-01, 08:52   #9

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Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

Armouries Combat-only i see, so might be no TRANS Assets or CAS
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Default Re: Operation Falcon: Ukraine-inspired layer

Originally Posted by TommyFederal View Post
Armouries Combat-only i see, so might be no TRANS Assets or CAS
That's pretty much VW mode for you.

Toll roads, take me home.
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