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06 Oct 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

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Old 2022-01-30, 01:41   #1
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Default AI Navmesh

Alright, i spent too many hours into this and i am loosing my mind already, the fact that i have the same files since i made adak navmesh and it stops working for no reason just absolutely makes me tilted beyond imagination.

I have decided to make a navmesh for another map, i seem to have done everything right.
Starts createnavmesh.bat it opens editor and the map so far so good, it closes the editor and then it starts to scroll through all the .gts objects in cmd window, after it finishes counting every single one of them it just exits on it self without telling me anything, at first i though it may be the object count, fine made a literally 50x50meter combat zone box. 1500 objects in meshes.
Nope does not work.

Tries a smaller map albasrah it is.
Nope still does not work.

Does someone has any idea why this does not work, i just recently fixed someones navmesh with fixnavmesh.bat and it worked just fine. It just feels like windows or this game just lives it's own life inside my pc, cause it is literally a lottery when it comes to do something with this game.

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Old 2022-01-30, 02:42   #2
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Default Re: AI Navmesh

Alright, seems like my navmesh.exe didn't had admin permission c: again i don't know how did i managed to make adak with out all these. *you may delete this thread*

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