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07 Dec 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2021-10-21, 12:11   #11

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Default Re: PRSPY: Show the Game Clock

Originally Posted by lespyd View Post
Not sure what you're trying to say here, I agree. But it has no relevance of knowing what next map is outside of the game. You are already in the game getting steamrolled. That external info is moot.
May be slightly misphrased but I'll say it again from external stand point. If I see player scores, as well as the amount of known players, are massively skewed in one teams favour and the external (PRSPY) timer showing that only 5 minutes have surpassed. If the next map (stated in PRSPY) is Khami or some map where I know the team filled with vets are going to dominant, I'll opt out of joining because the teams are stacked.

But thinking about it now, there is no way to know whether the teams would be scrambled or what nor will you know that this issue won't be fixed for next map. I understand now as to the reason why you won't want the next map being shown in PRspy. Atleast if people are forced to join the server to see next map the server will attract players and thus more players will see this and say 'Oh the server is full, maybe I should join'.

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Old 2021-10-24, 14:03   #12
Default Re: PRSPY: Show the Game Clock

Basically what I'm suggesting is:

... with more information easily available to players they can make better decisions about joining servers to improve their PR-experience.

If individual players are more motivated, then the experience would improve for everyone to some degree.

Originally Posted by Bastiannn View Post
what the next map is.
I remember this too and miss it also.

I'm not sure why they wouldn't want that, even with map votes going on. I assume it would show whatever the next map is, even if it was just voted on.

Originally Posted by lespyd View Post
This leads to the bystander effect.
The "bystander effect" would be people joining a map they are not really interested in for whatever reason, and they just fuck around until the next round starts.

This is exactly what it would help to prevent.

If someone is not really liking the map or the situation, for whatever reason, showing the timer in PRSPY would just tell them what they need to know without having to join and waste time before they get motivated to have a good round.

Originally Posted by Cpt.Future View Post
That is helpful too, but getting people to click around on different websights to check this, and then over here to check that, is the opposite of making it easier.

People will be more likely to do join the easier it is.

Why wouldn't that information be on PRSPY also?

Originally Posted by Nate. View Post
You can check the team K/D in PRSPY, which gives you a good indication on how far the round has progressed and how balanced it is.
Yes but that is not a definite indicator.

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Old 2021-10-25, 10:38   #13
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Default Re: PRSPY: Show the Game Clock

Next map is meaningless because you never know if it is the next map in maplist (auto-set) or if it's already the decided-upon next map. Most servers don't even run mapvotes for the next round before 2/3 of the current round have passed.

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Old 2021-10-30, 00:04   #14
Default Re: PRSPY: Show the Game Clock

Originally Posted by Nate. View Post
Next map is meaningless
Does PRSPY show the next map from a list, or does it show the actual map that is set to play next at the moment you open it?

I would assume it shows the same map you would see if you typed in !shownext on the server chat?

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