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05 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Feedback Post your feedback on the current Project Reality release (including SinglePlayer).

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Old 2017-12-25, 08:19   #11
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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

What a wonderful thread.

Somebody is upset with other guys way of playing and the other guys tells those who bash them that this is the way they see the game.

Reminds me of something...
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Old 2017-12-25, 09:06   #12
=MeRk= BluFFeR
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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

80% of people who have posted a reply here are the ones ruining game-play.

For your information I do play to win, but I also like to have a good even fight and use the majority of tickets on both sides.
Im sorry but rushing with armour at the start is the difference between a good fight and a steamroll, there is no teamwork in what happens,there is no fun for the opposing team.

Be honest, it is purely taking advantage just for the KD.
Most of the kills come from un-organised public players some who probably will uninstall PR and never play it again.
Trucks,helis,HAT kits etc etc lost in the first 1-2 minutes of a round start completely destroys the game-play.

Im surprised you went down that route Front, I had alot of respect for how you used to play,its a shame really. Suppose its who you now hang around with and fitting in.
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Old 2017-12-25, 10:04   #13
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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

Bluffer, shut up. I played like this ever since I got a little bit better at the game and how it works about 3 years ago back when I was in WGP. That you are apparently completely oblivious to that is not my fault.

I explained in detail what HOG is like and what happened during these two select Burning Sands rounds both ingame and on the forums. If you cannot even properly respond to what I'm saying instead of throwing retarded accusations at me why should I bother? You act like our rush sealed the game, well guess what? Outside of your clan nobody believes a Challenger is worth 8 Merks, which was the only thing we accomplished 2 days ago, a proper tank squad on MEC would've made us pay dearly for losing it.

Yesterday we didn't even rush because we were the ones with the T-72s(FYI I wasn't even in one)! How were we supposed to rush against the Challengers when they are that much faster? That's right, you don't. We deployed conservatively and had our scout fly ahead, found out they were coming and killed them(which was rather easy given they had a 12-year old as a gunner). After that our tanks went into the city, with the Brits having ample time to prepare but being the retarded numbnuts that they were, just didn't.

What was the bullshit you threw at me? "You're taking advantage of the public player", No, I'm taking advantage of having two tanks available and the opposing tanks being dead. I know what that means for our team on a strategic level, and that's how you play the game. Now is the time to kill the enemy APCs and FOBs, then obliterate the remaning infantry on the flags. You know what stops that? Players with a brain. When I see tanks on the map I always set up a TOW somewhere to fall back on. It takes absolutely no skill to prepare, it just takes willingness to play the game properly, and if they can't be bothered to do that, fuck 'em. Fuck them till the learn or quit the game, whichever comes faster.

VTRaptor: but i only stopped for less than 10 secs and that fucking awesome dude put 2 of them
]CIA[ SwampFox: well my definition of glitching is using an enemy kit to kill the enemy
Just_Dave: i have a list about PR players, and they r categorized by their skill
Para: You sir are an arse and not what the game or our community needs.
AlonTavor: Is that a German trying to make me concentrate?
Heavy Death: join PRTA instead - Teamwork is a must there.
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Old 2017-12-25, 11:29   #14

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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

It would be like role-playing if teams didn't deliberately play for fastest victory possible. Of course the teams try to annihilate the opposing team as fast as possible, and that includes the "KD-hunters"/KD-pushers. Some games are good and others aren't so good.

Who determines what's the right way to play PR?

If you deleted all assets from PR, these so called KD-hunters would go and hunt frags with rifles and still "ruin" your gameplay experience.

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Old 2017-12-25, 12:19   #15
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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

Merry Christmas everyone.

I am in the middle on this FWIW.

When I see players on the other team who are known to be good asset players I anticipate the rush. The problem is that that means one inf squad anticipates and no one else. And yes I will go on SL channel and advise others do the same but usually no luck. I may build a TOW but that will not kill 3 tanks or even 2.

I only have a problem when it ruins a round. No fun just waiting for bleed to finish cos your armour squad was not very good and theirs was l33t.

There's no cure for it and I am old enough to ignore it now. Just don't rush first enemy flag is all I ask.

Also I feel map design could help. Flag rushing on Wanda Shan is unheard of and easily dealt with due to terrain. On open maps like burning and Kashan, if all except light armour was delayed the problem would all but go away, you would just get infantry rushes, which no one bitches about really.
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Old 2017-12-25, 12:48   #16

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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

More Infantry Maps would be nice. Lets face it. it would get rid of the asset whores who are basically shit at the game without assets (unless they're cheating of course). Merry Christmas
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Old 2017-12-25, 13:24   #17
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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

Originally Posted by =MeRk=abullet2010 View Post
More Infantry Maps would be nice. Lets face it. it would get rid of the asset whores who are basically shit at the game without assets (unless they're cheating of course). Merry Christmas
rofl, sound argument.

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Old 2017-12-25, 13:50   #18
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Default Re: KD Ratio Rushing

how is this feedback of PR:BF2? Anyway, bluffer and a few others got to ventilate their issues. Good enough.

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