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21 Oct 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

Closed Thread
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Old 2009-03-19, 01:56   #1
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Default [Requirement] Posting a new Map

This section of the Community Mapping forums is entirely devoted to mapping.

Please limit yourself to one thread per map please, as this section exists to ensure all these mapping projects get high exposure and easy to browse.

Please only post in this section if you have a well thought out concept that you want help ironing out and/or have started progress on a map. That means that you at least have a rough overview plan of how you want your map laid out and how you see it working with terrain features, areas with buildings, roads, flag placement etc or your map is at any stage in the bf2 editor.

Please do not post "map ideas" here which you do not intend to develop yourself. This is for Work In Progress forum only and you should use the PR Suggestions forums for talking about map ideas.

Posting a new map guidelines : This will be a REQUIREMENT
  • Thread Title: [Map] yourmapnameehere (mapsize) [*MAP STATUS*] (PR:Minimod)
    * Map Status brackets contain either CONCEPT, WIP or FINAL to show to other forum users the status of your at a quick glance. When you crate your topic put the correct title there and the Moderator team will try and keep your title updated with the correct status as your map progress. In the event where your topic's title isn't updated with the correct status within a few days, please PM [R-DEV]Dunehunter or one of the [R-MOD] team requesting your title to be updated.
    * If your Map is for a minimod add (PR:N), (PR:V) or (PR:F) behind the Map Status

  • Name: (Optional but please make a temp name)
  • Location: (Should be a real place or at least inspired from a real place)
  • Size: (1km,2km,4km)
  • Factions : (If you dont know yet use BLUFOR vs OPFOR or INS or even use unknown)
  • Game Play Type : (Focused on: infantry, vehicle, heavy's, aircraft)
  • Minimap / Overview concept: (*MUST include a overview concept or a editor generated minimap)
    The thread will be deleted without a overview concept or a minimap
  • Screen Shots : (Please include screenshots from the editor or in-game as soon as you have some to show)
  • Download : (Optional: beta or final download)
  • Other information is always great!
We also request that you keep the original post of your map topic updated with any updates by using the edit button on your post, while also posting a new post in the topic with the update to inform people of the update. This will mean that people who are not following your topic constantly can look at your topic's first post to get all the information about your map strait away, while people following your map can see the small update you have made as you make them.

Now please realize by posting your map to the forums you will get opinions. You may not like them but try to keep an open mind. Never just thrown out a opinion and do not be rude to those that have opinions. This after all is why your posting in the first place. Participating in the community.

PR Management and especially your PR Mapping Team
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Old 2011-05-17, 22:57   #2
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Default Re: [Requirement] Posting a new Map

- OP Updated 17-05-11

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Old 2011-05-19, 09:53   #3
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Default Re: [Requirement] Posting a new Map

thnx rhino for update.
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Old 2012-04-28, 09:14   #4
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Default Re: [Requirement] Posting a new Map

- OP Updated 28-04-12

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Closed Thread

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