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Old 2004-08-19, 16:13   #1
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Lightbulb Interview:

In comparison to the other interviews, DICE Devs finally get a chance to answer more specific questions. Excerpt:

BFC: In the released screenshots we have noticed that you have a very long view distance, is this just for the screenshots (like the early BF42 screenshots were) or will it be like this in the game too?

Will the grass for example be visible from far range so that it doesn't disappear just because you're far away from it (so you can't see people "hiding" in the grass)?

DICE: The view distance will come to differ from map to map and since we still are working on performance, the exact distances haven’t been set yet. The longer view distance the better so we’ll do our best to give you a good experience.

We are aware of the distance issue with the grass but feel that we have found a good solution for BF2 that won’t make you stick out when you crawl around thinking that you are totally hidden.

You can find the full interview here

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Old 2004-08-19, 16:25   #2
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By far the most productive and thought provoking interview yet. If you havent read it, do so, NOW!

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Old 2004-08-19, 16:46   #3
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Indeed! Awsome info.

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Closed Thread

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