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21 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-03-01, 18:40   #1
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Default "New" front post sights

A couple of patches ago the front post of the m4 and m16 were changed to make it thinner. Now I couldn't find any feedback on it, but I'm pretty sure this is one of those changes that was universally liked by players. Which brings me to my first point - unrelated to the thread topic. Devs: If there's not much feedback, usually it is a liked change.

Alright on to the topic. Yes the m4/m16 changes were great, but there are still some rifles in the game that have that thick front post. I don't know if this is how it is IRL or animation thing or whatever. If it is an IRL thing I don't care, please change it. I can't name all the rifles and guns but the one that gave me the idea was the AKM. If I recall correctly it was the same thing with the WW2 m1 garand.

Here's some pictures:

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Old 2018-03-03, 21:12   #2

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Default Re: "New" front post sights

Yeah i really like the new front posts for the US rifles. I always wondered though why games like PR and SQUAD have such different looking front post shapes for the same rifle models. There are enough references out there, so why don't they look exactly identical in shape across all the different realism oriented games?
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Old 2018-03-05, 18:58   #3

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Default Re: "New" front post sights

There is no universal model that developers are allowed to use without charge, so they are forced to create their own models from random reference pics. Different games have different requirements for artists to meet, some games want low poly counts for weaker systems, while others cannot afford licensing agreements for certain weapons and are forced to deviate from the original.

It's not that artists cannot make pixel perfect recreations, there are a lot of other factors that come into play. In PR I believe that artists are forced to use an older version of 3DS Max and run some scripts to ensure the asset it properly implemented into the BF2 Engine. It makes these seemingly minor adjustments into a much larger task that might not yield the results we expect. I applaud anyone who is willing to tinker with someone else's model from who knows how long ago, it's tricky when the original creator might not even be around.

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Old 2018-03-26, 19:24   #4

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Default Re: "New" front post sights

Ok, i just wondered why that was the case.
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Old 2018-04-23, 12:28   #5
Default Re: "New" front post sights

I almost prefer it this way. AK's already have an advantage because of the open sight, and the sight is always "on point" unlike in reality. A larger front post makes the AK a little harder to aim and hit with, which IMHO, is a good trade-off for the clearer ADS picture.

If you have ever shot with a rifle you will know that lining up a shot with AK style front posts is slightly more tedious than using a ghost ring or similar iron sights.
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Old 2018-04-27, 19:16   #6

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Default Re: "New" front post sights

On my experience I can tell the ak sights have that edge in cqc situations. But the in-game AKM front sight is way too large, to take in count the barrel length. It´s larger than my service rifle´s flip up tritium illuminated night-sight heh.
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