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20 Oct 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-06-06, 18:40   #81

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Default Re: Russian Breacher Class

Originally Posted by Tajulek View Post
How is this a counterargument? xD If it doesn't affect an outcome and it does narrow the playstyle, then why don't add it?
The point is that the shotgun was excluded for “authenticity” reasons. You want it in for balance reasons. Ru forces have been going fine without a shotgun so your plea for a shotgun all for the sake of balance doesn’t exactly make sense.

Again - a shotgun is used not only for the purposes you mentioned here
Still don’t know if you’re failing to read the entire post or not but I explained that whatever uses for a shotgun other than arresting civvies or occasional infantry fragging could just as well be accomplished by providing the breacher with more grenades and C4.

Unless an military advisor or proper documention can confirm the widespread issuing of a combat shotgun to regular Russian infantry then it shouldn’t happen in PR imo.

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Old 2018-06-06, 21:46   #82
Default Re: Russian Breacher Class

For now, no shotguns on the Russian side.In the future maybe.

And what I mentioned earlier was MEC forces,represents the Iranian army.But Dice had to change name because of the market, in order to sell the game.Then there was a ban on the game in later editions by Iran and some countries.The rest is history....that is reality.

"According to the BF2 wiki MEC consists of countries like Kuwait and Qatar" American forces have bases there

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Old 2018-06-06, 22:51   #83

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Default Re: Russian Breacher Class

Well, BF2 MEC =/= PR MEC really, so the DEVs get more freedom with their equipment, who knows, maybe they'll get a T-90MS soon

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Old 2018-06-07, 00:17   #84
Default Re: Russian Breacher Class

I think we would all stop bitching if russian breacher just got 5 impact grenades. Glorious times it would be.
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Old 2018-07-13, 12:10   #85
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Default Re: Russian Breacher Class

Originally Posted by Death! View Post
...or call a BTR-80A to tear apart the building itself
Good idea

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