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28 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Feedback Post your feedback on the current Project Reality release (including SinglePlayer).

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Old 2013-01-10, 04:38   #1
Default changes for current gameplay

These changes would alter the current gameplay on PR where the medic is basicaly god himself, getting anyone up to 100% health in a matter of seconds. And it would also fix the laughable damage done by certain weapons while also correcting the amount the player bleeds, because as of now apparently each soldier has 120 liters of blood and can survive an infinite amount of time by using First Aid Patches.
The spawn time penalty for killing unarmed personnel was added to simulate the battle stress on each soldier, because lets be honest, no one would shoot an unarmed soldier in the back. (Spawn time penalty for killing medics without their weapons drawn and builders could be removed when fighting non-conventional factions like the taliban, insurgents, militia and hamas.)

Builder/Dropped kit

replace shovel by the radio for all kits for request some support like ride, medic, reinforce
add Builder/Dropped kit to request list
(kill builder/Dropped make 30 seconds of punish in the spawn)

Medic kit

Smoke x4
epipen x9
First Aid x12
Health Bag delay 1 min for recover 100% of health
(kill Medics with no weapon make 30 seconds of punish in the spawn)

weapons damage with body armor

545x39 45%
556x45 50%
762x39 65%
762x51 75%
762x54 80%
12.7 or > 100%

Bleeding starts with 70% of health
Dark screen with 30% of health
First Aid recover 15% of health
You bleed 5% each 5 seconds with the same interval between flashs

implement delay to open map with capslock to 6 seconds
reduce time of duration mark in the map to just 1 minute
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Old 2013-01-10, 04:45   #2
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Default Re: changes for current gameplay


welcome to the forums and for taking the time to post your thoughts on what changes you would like to see made to PR.

There are some guidelines which you need to be made aware of however. Here is the link

Unfortunately I am forced to close this thread for discussion..

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Closed Thread

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