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29 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2014-04-26, 06:48   #1
PR:BF2 Developer
Default [Vehicle]Honker Skorpion-3[PL]

Hi. I've finished UV unwraping main model of our Honker Skorpion. Model can be viewed here on p3d: - Honker Skorpion-3
Old, modeling thread:
I'm presenting UV unwrap, asking for feedback and help. If somebody would like to texture this vehicle let me know.
UV layout:
I've also prepared bake texture, it will need some cleanup because I've used the same UV space for few similar elements:

This is how it looks so far, there is no light on the screenshots, just pure model and bake texture:

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Old 2014-05-01, 09:28   #2

waldov's Avatar
Default Re: [Vehicle]Honker Skorpion-3[PL]

Looking good! I know the primary weapon will be the standard 7.62 PKP but will there be other weapon options like M2HBs or MK19s? (I'm just assuming those are used in real life).

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Old 2014-05-01, 10:19   #3
PR:BF2 Developer
Default Re: [Vehicle]Honker Skorpion-3[PL]

Thanks. We are not planning to attach other weapons.
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Old 2014-05-07, 18:11   #4
Project Reality Beta Tester
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Default Re: [Vehicle]Honker Skorpion-3[PL]

In real life the only weapon attached on Skorpion-3 is PKM/PKMSN-1 (PKM with NV optics). And that's all. I think that Polish DEVs will attach Mk 19 and WKM-B (Polish version of NSV hmg with NATO cartidge) to Humvees.
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skorpion3pl, vehiclehonker
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