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27 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [Win10] Will any brand work for 3D glasses on Nvdia?

Hello. Im buying a new 4k 3D Samsung TV that I will be using for gaming and movie watching as long with a new EVGA 1070 FTW videocard, and I and trying to figure out if other brands of 3D glasses will work with my needs. I plan on buying the 3D glasses kit sold by Nvidia, but will I be able to buy other brands of glasses ie. Samsung for my needs.

Didn't know if this would be possible because of the emitter that the Nvidia Vision2 kit comes with. Also does anyone have any knowledge how well the Nvdia software is for 3D bluray watching. I will be mostly watching movies, but Im also going to check out some of the 3D games that they have. Although, I know it seems the gaming industry has pretty much phased out 3D support .

So in other words do you have to have glasses that use the emitter function for watching 3D blu ray and gaming with Nvidia.

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Default Re: [Win10] Will any brand work for 3D glasses on Nvdia?

Originally Posted by Zyco187 View Post
Although, I know it seems the gaming industry has pretty much phased out 3D support .
So why bother? 3D is just a symbol slammed on boxes to tempt buyers more, in that critical moment when the buyer sees it. It reminds me of dolby atmos. Then theres virtual reality, sure its cool pointing a virtual gun but the scenes are just shooting ranges and 'from a window' ones, can't expect the player to move right? Its just a buffed arcade machine.. Its just hype. PR on a monitor all the way

I doubt anyone on this forum has experience with 3D tbh..

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