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29 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default The "Mobile Mob" Squad Type

This is a different than advised style of public squad leadership I've become very accustomed to which puts much of the responsibility in the squad on the Members rather than the SL alone.

I personally prefer to guarantee that I have only the 2 Medics and Specialist then leave all other kits up to the Squad Members to choose for themselves. This tends to isolate the newer players who are used to being directly told what kit to use, and allows confident players to use their favorite kits.

Actively encourage your squad to keep an X spread around 20 meters the bulk of the time. Naturally keep close tabs on your map to ensure people aren't getting too far, but I usually have more trouble with people being too close together.

Since you aren't trying to maintain any formations your squad will be able to move as quickly as possible, but won't clump together or create the conga line that pub squads always move as.

When defending a flag you can easily set up a proximity defense along the outer edges of the cap's range, so you can either engage hostiles before they get into cap, or let them walk into the cap so you can attack them from multiple angles quickly and efficiently.

1. Enemies don't immediately see where the rest of your squad is.
2. Your Anti-Personal Squad Members (AR, Marksman, ect.) are usually in a better position to deploy and engage the enemy.
3. Your Squad Members aren't afraid to attempt to flank the enemy.
4. A single grenade won't kill half your squad.

This is a very effective way to neutralize most enemy squads thanks to the fact that you're trusting your Squad Members to each individually figure out what their best cover, flanking position, base of fire position is. The comms during combat are practically silent since the only thing your men need to talk about is where the enemy is, or to ask for medic.

At the end of the day, you probably won't have the most points, but your squad should at least have the highest K/D ratio of all the other infantry squads.
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Default Re: The "Mobile Mob" Squad Type

50m spacing is pretty extreme. Unless in the desert.
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Default Re: The "Mobile Mob" Squad Type

Or jungles, but it is excessive, I'll re-write that.
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