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26 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default Re: If the devs got hold of the source code...

Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
I am gonna have to decline on the 2 much for most people to download. You just really have to do it once, lets assume its really big and like 20 Gigabyte (or more even), I really dont see the problem, even if it takes one or 2 days to torrent. Now I dont know what the internet situation is like in SA though.
I will admit that the high cost of internet in South Africa (we pay for the connection speed and the bandwidth) biases me against a large download. Do keep in mind that the Battlefield 4 base game is 20-30 gigs and that contains just 3 factions and a few maps. PR has about as much weapons and equipment as BF4 but we must keep in mind the extra models for the various factions. So my very rough estimation is that if you take 20-30gb x 5 (~15 factions/ number of factions in BF4) you get a 100-150gb game. I think that will be a problem for anyone outside the first world to download. Now you need 100-150 gb of hard drive space (which I would gladly spare for PR) and without great game efficiency you will need a better rig than you would need to run BF4.

Now if you say that it is by far easier and faster to use the UR 3 engine over the UR 4 engine I will just have to take your word for it.
UR 3 is very dated. I have not dabbled with any game engine coding apart from my own attempt to create a rendering system but my recommendation is the Crysis 1 engine. As far as I understand it was used to make Crysis Wars, and Crysis wars had a vehicle and infantry objective capture mode which is not too far from Battlefield as far as I remember. Why the Crysis 1 engine though you may wonder? Well:
- It was a monster at a time in terms of required pc specs but now it is relatively tame in terms of pc specs.
- The graphics still have appeal
- There is basic tactical destruction (Do we really need to be demolishing skyscrapers?)

It seems like a good fit to me. I am not a expert on game engines and I welcome anyone who wants to put me straight. Maybe I should start a new thread on this.
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