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26 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

Closed Thread
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Default PR Mapping Guidelines

PR Mapping Guidelines
Updated: May 2, 2018 by Outlawz7

General PR Map Design Considerations
  • Realistic Settings, try to find a place in real life and plan your map around that.

  • If your an experienced mapper and have the time, aim for large maps (preferably 4km sized maps). Project Reality is heading towards larger maps, if you are creating a 1KM or 2KM map, don't be surprised if it's not accepted. That being said, creating a small map is a good way to start out mapping.

  • Create the map first, dont think too much about gameplay objects in the early stages, you only really want to think about the types of vehicles you want, dont get bogged down into specifics like how many and what vehicles exactly you want on the map. You can consider if you want Tanks, APCs, Choppers, Jets etc, but remember that the final outcome may be quite different depending on the needs of the mod.

  • Having a simple clear picture in your head of what kind of assets you want in the map can certainly help you develop the map better to suit these assets but you do not want to loose sight of the more important things by going down the path of how many of what assets you want. Your number one priority is your landscape and your statics, putting in vehicles and other gameplay objects should only be a real concern to you in the very final stages of the maps production.

  • A good map should use most if not all of the map space available.

  • When thinking about objectives, remember that PR requires large CP Radius (100-300m) for area control, not flag capture.

  • Remember that PR has random CP locations (more on this later). Don't put all the interesting scenery and detail into one dense area. There should be interesting locales all over the map, utilizing the full scale of the map.

  • Small dips, rises, ditches, trenches go a LONG way to making realistic terrain on a map and making infantry fighting interesting. Avoid having smooth surfaces as it gives little cover and is not realistic as most places in nature have tons of small subtle variations in terrain height - it doesn't have to be hills everywhere but places to hide and fight from are greatly encouraged.

  • KEEP DESTROYABLE OBJECT COUNT BELOW 350! Only place destroyable objects that will have a meaningful impact on gameplay, do not place destroyables like that chinese porcelan, destroyable wood crates, etc. Rather, try to put things that affect gameplay like destroyable doors, bridges, etc. Large destroyable object counts is a major contributor to server crashes. If you submit a map with higher than 350 destroyable count, you will be asked to reduce this to <350.

  • Remember the only fixed spawn locations should be at the main bases, and these main bases should be out of play (no combat around them and a dome of death surrounding it). Plan the map accordingly - Main Bases should be rear areas of reinforcement, on the far edges of the map.

Map Sizes

1KM maps:
- View distance should be at 400 meter minimum, 600 meter preferred.
- Skirmish 16 Game Mode only.
- No Vehicles.
- These maps are least likely to be added to PR. 1KM maps are considered "warmup" or "seeder", these maps are not conductive to the scale of PR. Submitting a 1KM map, it would need to be of exceptional quality in order to be considered.

2KM maps
- View distance should be at 600 meter minimum, 800 meter preferred.
- No Fighter or Attack Jets
- Heavy Attack Helicopters are discouraged, Light Attack Helicopters prefered for the 2km.
- These maps are considerably better than 1km, but still not ideal for PR, the scale and pacing is not as ideal as 4KM. Submitting a 2KM map, the map needs to be of high quality in order to be considered.

4KM maps:
- View distance should be at 800 meter minimum, 1000 meter preferred.
- This is the ideal map size that PR is looking for. It offers a large-scale battlefield with many options and near infinite re-playability. Creating a 4KM map has the biggest chance of inclusion into PR.

Kit Request Spawner Set-up

You will need to add line of code into the init.con file. Without them your map will crash on load, and you will not be able to request kits etc if it did load.

The best way to do this is to open the init.con of a current map that uses the factions that you wish to use.

Example (see red text):

rem *** Generated by BF2Editor ***
if v_arg1 == BF2Editor

run Heightdata.con
run Terrain.con BF2Editor
run StaticObjects.con BF2Editor
run Sounds.con
run Sky.con BF2Editor
run Editor/GamePlayObjects.con host
Undergrowth.load Levels\yourmapname\
run Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con
Overgrowth.editorEnable 1
run AmbientObjects.con BF2Editor
run Water.con
run TriggerableTemplates.con BF2Editor


run Heightdata.con
run Terrain.con v_arg2
run Sky.con v_arg2
run CompiledRoads.con
run Sounds.con
run tmp.con v_arg1
Undergrowth.load Levels\yourmapname\
run Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con
run Overgrowth/OvergrowthCollision.con
run AmbientObjects.con
run Water.con
run TriggerableTemplates.con
run Fields.con


rem ------------------------------- LevelSettings -------------------------------
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

run ../../Factions/faction_init.con 1 "gb"
run ../../Factions/faction_init.con 2 "ch"

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setBeforeSpawnCamera -728/24/-1075 -124.292/-2.23791/0

if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
LevelSettings.CustomTextureSuffix "Woodland"
texturemanager.customTextureSuffix "Woodland"
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

GameLogic.MaximumLevelViewDistance 800

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 1 50
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 2 50
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 1 250
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 2 250
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 1 300
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 2 300
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 1 50
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 2 50
gameLogic.setDefaultTimeToNextAIWave 8
gameLogic.setTicketLossAtEndPerMin 1000
gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 1 20
gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 2 20
Important note: Editor will overwrite your init.con kit set-up each time you save your map, so once you've made the change above using a text editor, write protect the init.con file (i.e. make it read-only).

All possible faction inits can be found in *your PR installation*\mods\pr\content\\ faction_init.con

Case SenSitiVitY
Before final submission of your map, you need to fix any case sensitivity issues. This is so the maps are compatible with Unix and Windows servers. Specifically you need to:
- rename the "Info" folder to "info"
- rename the Hookers_And_Blow.desc file to "hookers_and_blow.desc"
- ensure that your and archives are all using lower case; eg: not, this needs to be ""
- ensure that your map folder name is all lower case.

Including the Editor folder
Please provide us with the Editor folder. This must be placed in a zip. We require this because mappers come and go, but PR is an evolving beast and we will probably at some point in the future, need to make changes to the map that require regenerating lightmaps.

PR Map Checklist
Before submitting your map:
1. check that you have done your CP names correctly
2. you have cleaned out the .desc file and the Game Modes folder of BFEditor "lint"
3. you have resized your minimap to 1024x1024
4. your map is packaged and ready to play, tested for any CTD issues
5. you have checked that everything noted is using lower case
6. you have included an file of your Editor folder

The PR Team encourages all potential PR mappers to follow these guidelines, the closer you follow these guidelines the greater your map will be considered for release in the next version of Project Reality.
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Default Re: PR Mapping Guidelines

Gameplay Objects

*** It is important to remember that completing the primary elements of your map (Terrain, Textures, Statics, Lightmaps & Sounds) is crucial before moving on to the GameplayObjects.con. Its also important to remember that the gpo.con will be heavily tweaked, modified and altered by the PR team based on whats needed and the current standards. Although your input as a mapper is important, the final gpo.con design layout decisions are up to the PR team. If you cannot accept this, its unlikely your map will be included in a PR release. ***

Vehicle Layouts

Skirmish (16 only)
There should be NO vehicles at all, including jeeps on all Skirmish 16 maps. The Skirmish layer should be optimized for 6v6 Clan and Competition play. These should be infantry only maps so they can fit in easily with the ladders.

AAS (16, 32, 64)
This is the main game mode used on most servers, it is the standard vanilla conquest except you have to capture the flags in sequence. AAS64 is the one most commonly used on all servers and as such should contain full assets. Ensure that there is always at least 2 infantry squads per team, do not over saturate this mode with vehicles.
AAS16 is PR's "infantry mode". The following vehicles can be used: Recon Vehicles, Armed Jeeps, Unarmed Jeeps, Transport Trucks, Logistic Trucks, Transport Helicopters, Civilian Cars, Dirtbikes. If its a 4km map, there should be at least 1 transport helicopter per team.
AAS32 is an alternative vehicle layout for AAS. This layer should only be used on large 4km maps where you have alot of options with vehicles or for a unique layout.

Insurgency (16 and 64):
Assymetrical game mode with insurgents and BLUFOR faction. Keep in mind that the insurgent/taliban faction need to have an enjoyable time as well as the coalition forces, so plan assets for this accordingly.
Insurgency16 is the Infantry only layer and can use the following vehicles: Recon Vehicles, Armed Jeeps, Unarmed Jeeps, Transport Trucks, Logistic Trucks, Transport Helicopters, Civilian Cars, Dirtbikes.
If its a 4km map, there MUST be at least 1 transport helicopter per team.

Command and Control (16 and 64):
Open ended game mode, where the objective is to construct FOB's and destroy the enemy FOB's, with an open ended style of play where the players create their own objective. Still early in development and will be heavily tweaked and changed as the mode develops. Preferably should be used on 4KM maps only. 16 version can use the following vehicles: Recon Vehicles, Armed Jeeps, Unarmed Jeeps, Transport Trucks, Logistic Trucks, Transport Helicopters, Civilian Cars, Dirtbikes. If its a 4km map, there MUST be at least 1 transport helicopter per team.

Vehicle Warfare:
This mode is AAS but with vehicles, most commonly tanks. This mode should have plenty of vehicles on short spawn timers and very large flags. At the moment the only way to lose tickets in Vehicle Warfare is by ticket bleed so set your flags up accordingly.

Vehicle Spawn Timers

NO RESPAWN (99999)
Fixed AA Guns
Fixed AA Missiles
Fixed MGs
Fixed AT Guns
Forward Spawned Vehicles (ie not at a Main Base)

20 MINUTES (1200)
Fighter Jet
Attack Jet
Attack Helicopter
Light Attack Helicopter
Anti-Air Vehicle (with Cannons and Rockets)
Insurgent Suicide-Bomb Vehicle
ATGM Vehicle
APC (with ATGM)

10 MINUTES (600)
Anti-Air Vehicle (with Rockets only)
APC (without ATGM)
Jeep (with MG)
Technical (with MG)
Boat (with MG)
Transport Helicopter

5 MINUTES (300)
Jeep (Unarmed)
Civilian Vehicle (Unarmed)
Transport Truck (Unarmed)
Boat (Unarmed)
Logistic Truck
Dirt Bike

Vehicle Decay Timers and Distances

Decay timers are used to destroy empty idle vehicles around the map. If a player has jumped out of a vehicle and walked away, the vehicle will stay around for a period of time and then explode when the timer runs out. The timer will only start if the vehicle has left the Decay distance radius around the spawnpoint of the object.

These values should be:
TimeToLive (Decay Timer): 12000
Distance (Decay Distance): 100m

Vehicle Team Locking

All vehicles should be team locked. This means that the TeamOnVehicle parameter is set to "1" (true) for all vehicles.
The only exceptions to this rule are the mounted MG's (they should NOT be team locked):
us_bipod, mec_bipod, ch_bipod

Logistics Trucks

Conventional Armies and Militia require Logistics Trucks that only carry 1 driver and 1 passenger. They offer deployable 2 x Supply Crates that are required to build Deployable Forward Outposts. They also offer a deployable repair crate which is the only mobile way to repair vehicles in the field. Each team should have 2 of these unless there are special circumstances.

Transport Trucks

These trucks have 1 deployable supply crate and can carry 1 driver and 7 passengers. These should be used on the Infantry only (16) layers of AAS/Insurgency game modes, they should NOT be used on full assets AAS/Insurgency game modes.

Control Point (CP) Naming

PR uses a specific naming convention. You need to follow this naming convention:


ie: "cpname_al_kufrah_oilfield_aas16_village"

"cpname" = literally always just the text "cpname".

"nameofthemap" = the name of the map, if spaces are needed use _.

"gamemode" = the game mode and number. Valid values are:
16, 32, 64

"nameofcpalloneword" = literally all one word of the cpname. No other characters except alpha characters should be used.

ALL of this needs to be lower case.

Control Point Capture Times

Standard Captures Times are as follows:

1KM Map
"Normal" - 120s
"Fast" - 90s (primarily for last flag in capture order)

2KM Map
"Normal" - 180s
"Fast" - 120s (primarily for last flag in capture order)

4KM Map
"Normal" - 180s
"Fast" - 120s (primarily for last flag in capture order)

Also note that in Project Reality we are able to set up different capture/neutralize times for different teams. This is useful on final flags where you want to give the team that owns that flag a good chance of taking it back if they kill off all the enemies trying to capture that flag by giving them a really short capture time, but still have the attacking team having a largish cap time. So for example on the Muttrah Docks flag, team 1 (MEC) has a capture time of 120secs, while team 2 (USMC) only has a capture time of 45secs. This gives the USMC a good fighting chance of recapturing the docks from the MEC if the MEC manage to overrun the flag, providing they are able to kill off all the enemies that are there which can be done if it was just one squad that snuck in behind to capture it

TimeToGetControl = Team 1 Capture/Neutralize time
TimeToLoseControl = Team 2 Capture/Neutralize time

Main Base Spawn Points

Be sure to place plenty of spawn points at each of your main bases. Generally, it's best to place several (4 or more) near the vehicles, several by the helicopter pads, etc. It's also good practice to assign each cluster of spawns its own group ID. You'll see that in the tweaker bar. So you should have 4 (or more ) spawns with group ID = 1 and another 4 or so with group ID = 2. Then players can spawn closest to where they need to and not have to run across main.

It's also extremely important to check the box next to "AllowSpawnCloseToVehicle". This prevents vehicles and objects from making the spawn point unspawnable.

Mapper Placed Rally Points

These are a variation of the Squad Leader Rally Points that can be placed by mappers. These can be used to create team specific spawn locations. These work exactly like vehicle spawners. These are destroyable.

There are 2 types of Mapper Rally Points:

5-minute Expiring Mapper RP:

- The purpose of these is so a mapper can place spawnpoints at frontline CPs that each team starts out with, but they will not act as permanent spawns. This is useful if you want each team to have forward defense forces at the start of a round but do not want to make a spawnpoint. The rally point will disappear once 12 players have spawned on it or once 5 minutes have passed (whichever comes first).
- These will expire (self-destruct) after ~5 minutes.
- These should be set to NEVER respawn (Set respawn timer to 99999).
- IMPORTANT: Set TeamOnVehicle to "1" (or they will not work)


Non-Expiring RPs:
- Purpose of these is to allow a team to spawn at a CP they own that does NOT have fixed spawn points.
- These will NOT expire (self-destruct) but can be destroyed.
- These should be set to NEVER respawn (Set respawn timer to 99999). Only exceptions are near mainbases to compliment the fixed spawn locations.
- IMPORTANT: Set TeamOnVehicle to "1" (or they will not work)


Main Base Objects:
vehicle_depot = The Vehicle Supply Depot, 1 of these needs to be added for each team's mainbase. Non Destroyable.

deployable_commandpost = Command Post, 1 of these needs to be added for each team's mainbase. Non Destroyable.

fixed_insurgent_hideout = Command Post for Taliban & Insurgents, 1 of these needs to be added for each team's mainbase. Non Destroyable.

**All Main Base Objects should have teamlock 1 **

Commander Area Attack
jdam_team1 (place one)
jdam_team2 (place one)
artillery_team1 (place four)
artillery_team2 (place four)

Place these objects in a protected area so they aren't seen or destroyed by the enemy. They can also be placed out of bounds if needed.

**All Area Attack Objects should have teamlock 1 **

Mapper Supply Crates

These should be placed on skirmish layers at each CP, so teams can rearm and request kits.

Additionally they should be placed on AAS/Insurgency layers at mainbases to faciliate easier kit request, close to spawn positions (IE Carriers, large bases, etc).

fixed_supply_crate (all factions except insurgents)
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Default Re: PR Mapping Guidelines

Random AAS Control Points

Refer to AASv4 Tutorial.
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Default Re: PR Mapping Guidelines

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Closed Thread

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