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27 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-07-16, 05:22   #1

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Default petition to add votekick function to BF1 official servers

Mods I ask respectfully to keep this separate from the BF1 thread so the petition can not get buried in the BF1 thread's comments.

I'm going to catch hell for this, i know it, but I made a petition to add votekick to Official dice servers in BF1.

I'm asking for signatures to see if this is something people want.

Because i'm so god damned tired of cheaters getting away with it.

I'm not trying to be edgy, and i know a petition is a bit cringey, but i dont know how else I could have an effect.

So please sign the petition, and maybe this could get EA to budge a little.

I'm not optimistic, but i am curious.

If you have friends that play BF1, please spread this petition link to raise awareness.

Oh look... a cringey provocative image poorly made in photoshop. I know, i should be shot.
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