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21 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Default How do I change that?

hey guys, I wanted to change the effect quality of my game but it stays that way,, how do I "unlock" this option? my game lagg whenever someone puts a smoke grenade on the map =(
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Default Re: How do I change that?

AFAIK, that setting is locked so you can't see through the smoke.

This is a 15 year old mod of a 15 year old game, and the minimum specifications have not changed significantly. It may be that you must lower other settings so that the game is playable when smoke pops off. You have everything else jammed up to High, so that's probably the place to start.

If, after that, you still have an unplayable experience when effects are around you (smoke/fire/etc.), then your last resort would be to lower your in-game resolution, but that will certainly look ugly. It's Xmas, and even a used 4 year old laptop with IGP would run PR like butter, so it may be time to upgrade or put something on the Xmas list for Santa to bring.

Best wishes and good luck!

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