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09 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2020-04-05, 23:35   #41
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Default Re: The Great Project Reality Timeline

Aye Deviro, keep updating it and stop playing CSGO!

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Default Re: The Great Project Reality Timeline

Timeline has been updated again, up until 1.6 launch today.

Also thank you to whoever decided to pin this and also put it in the official history section of the main page. It means a lot!
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Old 2021-07-14, 14:09   #43
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Default Re: The Great Project Reality Timeline

Timeline of timeline???
Spoiler for July 2021::
Changed pr release to august from july and url, 2005
Oct 24 2005 bf2 mc launch entry
PR wins MOTY dec 18 2008
Mar 13 2009 - first mention of bf online
April first joke of 2014
Mar 24 2020 - Beyond the wire announcement
Jul 24 2020 - Burning Lands announced
Oct 21 2020 - BTW released on early access
Dec 28th - pr is 3rd on moddb awards
March 1st 2021 and beyond is new stuff

Spoiler for Jan 2022::
Changed how pr started, earliest entry of July 2004
Redid pr v0.1 release patchnotes, added link to changelog, Aug 13 2005
Changed patchnote link for prmm 0.2 release, 27 Oct 2005
Added AAS abreviation to v0.25 patchnotes, 25 Feb 2006
Changed pr joining bsg from 6th to 8th nov 2006
Fixed link on 2nd video for rapids, 9 dec 2007
Added changelog to v0.7 and added "removed auto spotting" at the bottom, 31st Dec 2007
fixed 0.7 manual link, 31 dec 2007
Changed 28th to 27th aug 2008
added bmp3 entry and manual link into v0.85, 23 jan 2009
Moved dec 18 2008 moty win to mar 2nd 2009
Improved foxhole line on patchnotes, added hmg and aa, 23 Jan 2009
Added Aug 22nd 2009
Added Aug 27th 2009
Changed 3rd to 2nd Nov 2009
Changed 18th to 17th Nov 2009
Added minimap to op snow storm 17th dec 2009
Changed Aug 8 to 13th 2010
Fixed link on 1st of oct 2010
Added "Start of" and Fixed link on pr dev meet up, 8 oct 2010
Added manual to pr v0.95 entry, 15 oct 2010
Aug 20 and 21 are now the same day - 21 aug 2011
• Updated Sangin link
Added 20 sept 2011
Changed Zombie Scenario to Zombie/Scenario, Sept 25 2011
Fixed link on vadso entry, 4th Dec 2011
Changed pr vc parody from 31st oct to 29th 2012
Added trailer to pr v1.3.5 release, 1st nov 2015
Aug 17th corrected "th" 2016
Fixed link of v1.4.5 on 30th nov 2016
Added trailer to btw announcement, 24 mar 2020
RM/VU - changed rm link 30 Sep 2020
July 22nd 2021 and beyond is new stuff

Spoiler for July 2022::
Changed 15 to 18 years on title (finally!)

added new intro
added quippy titles and glossy images to each year
added publication date
added links to

Small formatting changes.

removed irrelevant bf releases
- v, 2142:ns, bc, bc2, o, 4, 1, 5
removed 3 entries related to reality doc and 7k words essay
removed prta notes due to popular demand
removed spoilers

Fixed Jaymz' name on several occasions (sorry)

added dc initial release, 20th dec 2002
changed pr conception from july to june 2004
fixed first link of Js forthnight a takes over pr leadership, oct 2005
added pr v0.2 r1, dec 2005
changed bovigton museum to camp, july 2010
changed arma 3 source code link, sept 2015
fixed typo (through), 30 april 2020
Added "pr:" to bf2 in squad release, 23 sep 2020

7th Jan 2022 and onwards are new entries
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Old 2022-03-18, 13:51   #44
Default Re: The Great Project Reality Timeline

So many memories! A huge thanks to all the DEV team for what they have done! It was only 2008 when BF2 was kind of dying and I discovered PR!
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Old 2022-04-01, 19:17   #45

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Default Re: The Great Project Reality Timeline

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great, project, reality, timeline
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