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13 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Default plz help

Plz Help. i just re-installed bf2 and pr. when i double-click on pr icon the pr screen pops up, but then the bf2 screen pops up. it then tries to start either bf2 or pr but immideately returns to my windows desktop and closes. i'm running windows vista, 8gb ram, nvidia 9800gt graffix card, never had this prob in the past. any suggestions?
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The most common causes of CTD are:
Failure to uninstall any previously installed versions of PR.
This can easily be done via the Windows Control Panel
'Add and Remove Programs' icon, under "Project Reality 0.x".*,
then delete the PR folder to remove any leftover files.
Don't forget to delete the desktop short as well.
PRv.917 uses 2 installers. You must install both 'Part 1' and 'Part 2'.
It is recommended that you restart your system after you install/uninstall programs
to ensure all installed components, files and registry entries are correctly installed or removed.

BF2 not updated to v 1.41 before patching with v1.5

FULL update 1.41
Final v1.5
Some have posted Updating with the
1.5 update
Sometimes does not complete, but looks like it does.
To find your version of BF2
run PR in 'windowed' mode
Look at the upper left corner
you should see

Incomplete install of 'part 1' & 'part 2'
I believe the PR single/co-op player has been integrated now.

Project Reality v 0.917 uses TWO separate Client Installers and should be installed in this order.
v0.917-part1 of 2
and followed by
v0.917-part2 of 2
(Part 2 installer should make a desktop short cut.)
If you get any errors, download a new installer from a different source and try again.
Compatibility mode to xp and run as admin not set in desktop shortcut on Vista PCs
Right click shortcut
choose 'properties' from bottom of list
Click on the Compatibility 'tab'(along the top of the window)
Check 'run as admin' box, select WINDOWS XP(service pack 2

Remember by default the installer should pick the correct folder to install to (BF2 main folder) without you having to do anything.

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