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09 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII Suggestions Suggestions from our community members.

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Old 2018-04-30, 21:57   #1

VTRaptor's Avatar
Default Deployable sandbag pillboxes <3

So there is something I wanted since I saw PR:WW2 FOB for the first time - using it as an actual defensive structure and not just a spawn point. See - currently PR has completely useles sandbags and foxholes, that rarely see combat for a reason stated in this sentence, whille these sandbag pillboxes feel safe and comfy. They provide excellent cover against small arms.

Easy way to implement this would be replacing it with regular PR FOB and then adding pillbox to the list of deployables.

Or if we want to keep that pillbox as a FOB while still being able to setup more pillboxes - adding tall antenna or/and faction flags to make it visible and recognizable from the distance would do the job. This way that fob could be also spotted more easilly which is good, as we won't see UAV nor aircraft to scout for FOBs (except for maybe one map). That antenna would be easilly visible over the hedgerows on Carentan f.e.
Another thing is that german MG emplacement was just a death trap as the gunner was just standing like a retard. That thing was a bullet magnet. Setting it up inside the pillbox would be great and doable.

Here's a pic I made. It's solid defence, unless enemies have armor or LATs to waste.

PS I forgot to mention that it looks better and is more realistic overall than the foxhole or sandbag built in the middle of the street, because it's hard to dig in the asphalt you know ;p
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Old 2018-05-02, 17:08   #2

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Default Re: Deployable sandbag pillboxes <3

Nice Suggestion ! it will be very useful in city maps !
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<3, deployable, pillboxes, sandbag
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