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15 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2021-03-21, 20:45   #1
Default The Cheap PR PC Challenge


The challenge is to build a pc using parts that everyone can generally source.*
This PC needs to be able to play PR at:
  • 1080 @ 60FPS for Minimum Secs,
  • 1440 @ 100 FPS for Recommended Specs,
  • 2160 @ 120FPS for Maximum Specs which is the the main goal as this seems to be the standard going forward.
  • Test should be done in aircraft moving at full speed over cities on populated servers.
  • Test should be done while also recording at, at-least 1080p30
  • Cheaper the better but goal is efficiency and value.
  • Goal is to make Project Reality a viable gaming option for those that think PC gaming is out of their budget and technical knowledge.
  • Peripherals should be including as optional total package.

    *Generally source should mean parts that are A. In stock in most countries or online at-least once a month or parts that are CONSISTENTLY available at a CONSISTENT price on resale sites.

Ultimate Goal: Drive the cost of this build down even further by mass purchasing and marketing to those interested in playing PR. Provide computers ready to go with PR installed for under $300-450USD as to compete with consoles. Use this as a complete marketing push of PR through community events including live streaming, tournaments, and word of mouth.

  1. CPU: A-12 9800 w/ R7 Graphics $100
  2. GPU: N/A (R7 Intergrated)
  3. Cooling: N/A (Included with CPU)
  4. Mobo: Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H Used: $70
  5. Memory: G. Skill Aegis 8GB 2400 C15 $52
  6. Storage: Samsung 980 M.2 250GB $50
  7. Case: MSCCGI Micro ATC Mini-Tower $30
  8. PSU: Rosewill Hive 550W Bronze $59
  9. Total Cost without Peripherals: $359
  10. Keyboard:
  11. Mouse:
  12. Monitor:
  13. Headset:
  14. with Peripherals:
  15. Newegg/Microcenter Public Wish List:
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Old 2021-04-09, 05:29   #2
Default Re: The Cheap PR PC Challenge

Hoping this will do PR at 2160x1600@60hz ultra settling. Mobo has integrated DVI-D for my Dell 3007 which is 1600. Only 2 higher up model Ryzen APUs and if I have spend anymore or this wont play 13 year old Project Reality than I dont think it's worth it. With Windows, a Headset, and Peripherals this still sits at $600 which is more than a next gen system so I really hope this system performs. I'll be making a build and benchmark video for PR. A lot of videos for APUs test modern AAA titles but this may be the sweet spot, for older games and a chance for PR to hit a niche market in this desolate GPU market.

CPU: Ryzen 4350G $185
GPU: N/A (R7 Intergrated)
Cooling: N/A (Included with CPU)
Mobo: AsRock B550M-HDV: $75
Memory: G. Skill Aegis 16GB 3200 $85
Storage: Samsung 980 M.2 500GB $70
Case: DIYPC BK-8 $46
PSU: Evga 600W Bronze Semi-Modular $45
Operating System: Windows 10 Home $23
Total Cost without Peripherals: $529 (w/Shipping)
with Peripherals:
Newegg/Microcenter Public Wish List:
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